Check Out These Quick And Easy Christmas Decorations Ideas

If, like me, you’re low on money or simply out of Christmas decorations ideas, I have some for both indoor and out that may help you. These decorating ideas as super simple. Some do cost a little money but are things that will last for years to come. And some use old ornaments, greenery and items found around your home. All make cute and/or elegant Christmas decorating ideas!

The first thing you need to do is look at your surroundings. This year, I went “shopping” around our house and property to find things I could decorate with. Our land has tons of pine trees so pine cones and sprigs were abundant.

I also had several old Christmas ball ornaments that were missing the tops and couldn’t be hung on the tree. There were several boxes of ornaments that were in our attic when we bought the house. I had some old burlap that made the perfect table runner as well as ribbon. I also placed a small piece around a battery operated candle. Another thing I found were blocks of wood. These things all came in handy for decorating.

I wanted to do something different outside. Something other than your standard string of lights. So, I teamed up with the folks at Bulbhead to try out a couple of their Christmas decorations ideas. Combined with the things I found around the house, I was able to get everything decorated and ready for our Christmas party in no time!

The two items I chose to decorate with are the Star Shower Window Wonderland and Star Shower Slideshow. Both are extremely easy to set up. That’s the thing that really makes me happy with these decorations. That and the fact that they aren’t just for Christmas. So you really get your money’s worth because they have slides that can be used for other various Holidays like Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Birthday’s, etc. It’s so worth the little money they cost. And they can be used year after year as well as throughout the year. SCORE!

My mother-in-law loves the Star Shower Window Wonderland. I had it set to the slide that shows Santa Claus waving out the window. I hadn’t told her I had it so when she pulled into our driveway she really got a kick out of it. She brought her sister to come see it too. It is a huge hit!

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Window Wonderland

To use it, you place the screen in a window, on the inside of the house. It has sticky tape that goes in the window as well as on the plastic screen. The tape has hook and loop closures so you can take it down if needed. I had it in one window for a few days and then decided to move it to another window and the sticky tape came off easily. I adhered it directly to the glass so hopefully it will remove easily if I move it again.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Window Wonderland Screen

Then, you place the projector on an inside table, about the height of the window, and plug it in. There are a few different scenes you can scroll through.

I wasn’t able to get a good photo since Santa is moving but, hopefully, you can tell what it looks like. The photo below is using the slide that has Santa decorating and taking a cookie. I like it and the one with him waving. There are several others to choose from.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Window Wonderland

It plays on a loop so he waves for a while then it starts over. The only thing I don’t like is that it is noticeable when it re-loops. It sort of blacks for a split second and then restarts. I do wish it was a little more smooth. But, overall, it works really well and looks authentic from outside. The kids love it!

The other item I chose was the Star Shower Slideshow. I LOVE this slideshow!

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Slideshow

There are several slides that you can choose from for various Holidays. There’s a really nice selection of Christmas and winter.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Slideshow Slides And Stand

I first used it in the house with the table top stand that comes with it. I had the slide with Santa, reindeer, tree, etc. It looked so cute on the fireplace.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Slideshow Indoor

Then I decided I wanted to use it outside, instead, with the white snowflakes shining on the house. We have it several feet away from the house but close enough that the snowflakes look really big and bright. It is so pretty!

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Window Wonderland Displayed Outdoors

To use it, simply place it in either the table top holder or the stake in the ground, several feet from your house. Place it where nobody will be walking or driving so it won’t get hit. Then plug it in. Choose the slide you want, adjust the height with the knob, and turn it on. VOILA! Instant Christmas lights!

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Star Shower Slideshow Slides

For the inside of our house, you can see the Star Shower Window Wonderland on the living room window, since it shows inside and out. I also used the pine cones, pine sprigs and other items I’d gathered from around the property and house.

A large, glass candle holder or vase looks elegant filled with Christmas ball ornaments. Choose one color or do a mix. We had a ton of red ones left as well as some gold and silver. I put all the red ones in one large glass cylinder and the gold and silver ones in the bottom of a candle holder and in an old basket.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Ball Ornaments In A Glass Cylinder

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Basket Of Ornaments

The next thing I did was add some pine sprigs and some artificial items I’d taken off an old candlestick wreath to glass hurricane candle holders. I dropped in one of the ornament balls and placed them on my cedar chest that I use as a coffee table. In between those is an old lantern candle holder.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Vase and Greenery

On the mantle I did a couple different things. One was the glass vase with the red Christmas ornament balls. I had several of those battery candles so I placed 3 in varying sizes onto a block of wood from our wood pile. It was about 4 – 5 inches tall, had plenty of holes to make it rustic and worked perfectly for the candles.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Battery Candles on a wood block

There was an old mirror hanging in one of the kids rooms when we moved it (our house was mostly furnished), so I placed that on the mantle to catch and reflect some light since the brick is fairly dark. I added a Christmas bow to the top.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Mirror and Nativity

Burlap makes a really nice, rustic, decor items and costs very little. I keep it on hand for other things so I always have a piece to pull out for decorating.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Burlap

Lastly, I printed a “Jesus is the Reason For The Season” print that I’d downloaded years ago. I don’t remember where I downloaded it from to give proper credit. I put it in a frame and placed it and my Nativity scene on the mantle. There’s also some garland and lights and an old candlestick (from the wreath) I already had. Done.

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

The old candlestick wreath I had looked ugly to me and I never did like how the things on laid. So I cut everything off and created several more things out of it. I think they are beautiful and I’m thrilled that I was able to re-purpose something I didn’t really like into something I loved!

Combined with the 2 Bulbhead items and our Christmas tree, I think my decorations are really pretty this year.  I hope you find these Christmas decorations ideas useful and can go “shopping” around your home and fine some things to re-purpose into new and exciting decorations!

What are some things you’ve re-purposed into decor?

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