Lil Gadgets Kids Headphones Make A Great Holiday Gift

Our youngest daughter loves listening to music on her phone but she has a hard time with regular earbuds. They are easily lost, easily broken and hurt her ears. I’ve been looking for an affordable set of kids headphones for her and finally found the perfect ones!

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We were lucky enough to team up for a pair by Lil Gadgets to showcase in our Holiday Gift Guide. Our daughter loves her set!

Lil Gadgets Connect+ Kids Headphones

Each style of the headphones is designed for specific age groups. There are a few different styles and colors to choose from, depending on age.  Each headphone, with an exception of Untangled, consists of a SharePort to allow more than one headphone to be connected to one device. In addition, the headphones are made with SoftTouch material to ensure a soft feel and a comfortable fit.


  • Connect+
  • Connect+ Style
  • Connect + Pro
  • Untangled pro


  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Black
  • (Untangled Pro also comes in white)

We received a blue pair of the Connectstyle. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable they are. My daughter immediately loved the bright blue color and the flexibility of the headphones. We both liked the size and shape.

I also love that they come with their own carrying bag to keep up with the headphones and cable.

Lil Gadgets Connect+ Fold-able Kids Headphones

These kids headphones are fold-able, so they fit perfectly inside the carrying bag.

Lil Gadgets Connect+ Fold-able Kids Headphones

But how did the Lil Gadgets Connect+ Kids Headphones perform?

Perfectly! They have the share port which allows more than one to be connected at a time but we only need the one set so we didn’t test that part out. We did, however test out fit, function and durability.

These kids headphones fit her nicely. At first, she said she’d like them to sit a little further down over her ear but once she really tried them out, the fit was great.

Lil Gadgets Connect+ Kids Headphones

The sound that came through was great. It was crisp and clear without blaring in her ears. There was no muffling, only clear audio but it didn’t feel like it was piercing.

The cord that connects to her phone is flexible and doesn’t tangle as she moves around. I don’t think we’ll have any problem with this one getting bent if she holds her phone on her lap. That has been a problem in the past with regular earbuds. There is also a little button on the cable that lets you pause playback of audio. She likes that, when I am talking to her, she can pause the sound and then unpause when I am finished, even if the device is on the table.

Lil Gadgets Connect+ Kids Headphones

These kids headphones are so nice. I wish I had a pair in my size!!!

These kids headphones will make a great gift idea to add to your Holiday shopping list this year!

Have you ever tried Lil Gadgets kids headphones? What did you think? Would you purchase a paid for yourself? I would!!!

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