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I read from a friend that school has already started back in her home town! It started yesterday. I was shocked to see that school had started back so soon. We still have a few more weeks until it starts here. That gives me a little more time to gather all the back to school must haves. School supplies, backpacks, hair cuts, physicals, clothes and kids shoes are all on the list.

We need to shop for a few clothes but the kids got several new outfits at the start of summer, for our vacation. They took really good care of them so they will be great when they start school back. So, really, we don’t have that many school clothes to purchase. Kids shoes, though, yes. All 4 needed new shoes. Their shoes from last year are worn out and don’t fit.Β My kids feet grow so fast that shoes are at the top of the list.

Our son is 6’4″ and wears a size 13. Buying shoes for him is not an easy task! Our girls have big feet too, like me. But buying for them is a little easier. I can actually order their shoes online and not worry they won’t fit. And I hate shoe shopping in-store. They are crowded, stuffy and miserable in my opinion. I’d much rather shop for shoes online when I can. I recently teamed up with to try some (complimentary) shoes for our youngest daughter and couldn’t be more pleased! Their largest kids size fit her perfectly.

I ordered 2 pairs for her, through I had her pick out the styles that she liked.

These are the kids shoes she picked:

  1. Ollie Star in color white
  2. Floral Applique

They are both so cute and well made. The shoes arrived quickly too! I like the ones she chose because they will go with just about every outfit she gets.

The first pair, Ollie Star (in white) is white with silver accents so they will match any color outfit she wears and will look great with jeans and shorts. They have a classic look to them with a little pop of fun with the silver.

Ollie Star Shoes from

The second pair, Floral Applique, have a different color on each heel along with the bright floral appliques on the sides. She said she would like to wear these with shorts and one of her favorite skirts. These are great to show off her funky, fun side, while still having a fashionable, classy look.

Floral Applique Shoes from

They both look great on her feet and fit perfectly.

I feel like shoes are one thing that parents dread buying for back to school. It can be hard finding the perfect pair and then finding a size that fits. We tend to go from store to store in search of kids shoes. For me, being able to shop online for kids shoes is much easier! It saves me money as well as a trip to the store.

The kids can browse online, choose a pair and checkout quickly and easily. You can choose from boots, heals, sandals, flats and sneakers. If you know your kids shoe size the process goes smoothly and the shoes arrive in time for back to school. If you don’t know your child’s shoe size, has you covered!

They have 2 ways of sizing. You can either print out the sizing chart or use the iPad app and measure your kids foot that way. SO EASY!

Kids Shoes - Back To School Must Haves.

Then order the size shoes you need and you’re done!

So, aside from kids shoes, clothing, pencils, paper, folders and backpacks, what are some of your back to school must haves. Where are some of your favorite places to buy kids shoes? Me? Online is the way to go!

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