Finding the perfect Christmas tree. #KmartHoliday Shop. #cbias

Oh boy, have I been on a journey. And it was all online! You see, our current Christmas tree has seen it’s better days. Actually the first year we used it was the best and it was only sort of great great then. We bought that tree at a Black Friday sale many moons ago. It is a pre-lit tree and every single bulb has burned out. Last year we wrapped new lights around it but it just didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to. So this year, Hubby and I decided we want a new tree. A gorgeous tree. The perfect tree. With a super limited budget. I know what you are thinking. Yeah right. Like that will ever happen. And you might be right. Christmas trees are OUTRAGEOUS! But, you can find some really beautiful ones online. I’m just really picky. Although, if I’d had just a tiny bit more money, there is one I would have purchased. And still might. Is is the perfect tree for me? It is very close.

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Jaclyn Smith 9ft Sherwood Pine Christmas Tree With Multi-color Lights

I went to the Kmart Holiday Shop online so I could use their tree selector and find a tree that would fit our home and my personal preferences. It was very easy to use. I just selected the size tree I wanted to look at and it brought up an assortment to look at. I have a Google+ Story with several screenshots of the trees I looked at as well as some we looked at in store. When I couldn’t decide, I headed to the store so I could get a better idea of how tall the trees were and which ones I liked the best. It is a bit far from our house but we had to go that day anyway. Since it is a bit far, I will still purchase online but it was great to see them in person. Look how pretty they are!


I didn’t decide on a tree just yet although I’m pretty sure which one I’ll get if I can get a few more dollars and which one I’ll get if I have to go cheaper. Either way, I found some cute Cupcake ornaments for my daughters, a Christmas bathroom set and some scarfing ribbon that I haven’t been able to find in-store.

kmartholiday8.jpg  kmartholiday10.jpg kmartholiday9.jpg
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I also bought this DARLING Christmas Countdown/Advent calendar.


I would show you photos of the scarfing, but I don’t have my tree to put it in yet! hehehe. I love to use ribbon and bows and all of my old ornaments that were my mom’s and grandmother’s and the ones we have bought for our children each year. Each year we but the kids a new ornament and when they move out of our home and into their own, they will have a box with their ornaments inside to start their own traditions with. Not only do I buy them one, I also buy a family ornament each year as well. Hopefully, our tree won’t be too empty when the children move on to their own adult lives.

Decorating for Christmas means a lot to me and my children. It meant a great deal to my mom as well. Each year, her home was absolutely beautiful. She decorated every inch of her living room in the most elegant way. It was tacky or overdone. It was perfect. I always tried to decorate my own home a similar to hers. We had different color palettes but our taste was similar. After she dies, I sort of shut down and decorating for the Holidays just didn’t feel good any more.  I would put the tree up and after the kids got a little older, they began the decorating. Last year, while watching them decorate the tree, something clicked inside my heart. I realized that they had the same love and the same passion that my mom did and that I used to have. I realized that I don’t have to feel sad during the Holidays. I have these amazing children and a wonderful husband to share these moments with. And I’m ready to enjoy it all again… with them! So, this year, we will decorate! And we will enjoy all the unknown blessings God has set in motion for us!

Anyway, be sure to check out my Google+ Story so you can see our online tree shopping adventure.ย  I’ll be back when I get the tree of my dreams and get it decorated!!!

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