Keep Your Luggage Safe With Luggage Bag Labels

I’ve never flown on a plane so I don’t need luggage tags in the sense that I might lose it on a flight. But I do worry that our luggage could get lost while traveling, even by car. We sometimes use one of the carriers that goes on top and I worry that it might come off or get torn. So I want to protect my luggage as much as possible and that includes using luggage bag labels.

Clay and I teamed up with Label Daddy and USFG to review a set of their peel and stick Luggage Bag Labels and I thought I’d share my results here with you.

Label Daddy offers two different shapes, circle and rectangle. I chose the rectangle set.

Label Daddy Luggage Bag Labels

Here’s what the “Rectangles” Style Luggage Bag Labels contain:

3 Contact Info Labels 3″x3.5″

3 Large Rectangle Labels 2.5″x9″

5 Medium Rectangle Labels 3.5″x8″

These luggage labels are peel and stick and super easy to apply to your luggage. They have a thin laminate on them that helps protect them from temperature changes, movement, etc. They can be applied to both soft and hard luggage.

To apply them all you do is peel, stick and rub the bubbles and wrinkles out. Then wait about 24 hours for them to fully bond and you’re all set!

Label Daddy Luggage Bag Labels

Our luggage is soft and they seem to be staying on really well.

Both the circle and rectangle styleΒ Luggage Bag Labels are customizable with your name, color choice and even an icon if you choose. They have several cute icons to choose from including MLB, NBA, Disney, Marvel and NHL.

The rectangle labels say “This bag belongs to {your name}. I chose to put “The Martin’s” instead of one particular name since we share luggage and change up who uses what bags depending on the trip. Since we are a UK basketball loving family (Go Cat’s) I chose blue and white for the colors and the basketball icon. These match the Label Daddy Zipper Tags I ordered before. So now we have a cute set!

Label Daddy Luggage Bag Labels

The three contact info labels show name and number. Our number has been blurred in the photo but you can see where it goes. I love how they look on our luggage!

Label Daddy Luggage Bag Labels

Even though I’d read the sizes it didn’t dawn on me just how big these labels really are. I was a bit surprised when I first opened them up and thought they may be too big.

Once I peeled them off the backing and applied them, though, I really like them. I will be able to spot our luggage easily.

If your kids are attending summer camp or traveling with church groups or friends, check out the Summer Camp label pack. If, like us, you’re still getting in some last minute travel before school starts back, check out the luggage bag tags.

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