Learn To Swim Like A Mermaid At Your Next Party!

My daughters all love mermaids. Heck, I love mermaids! I always dreamed of gliding along in the water with a gorgeous, sparkly mermaid tail. I think many young girls have that dream. And some of us older gals too. Did you know that you can actually learn to swim like a mermaid and even have a mermaid swimming party for birthdays, bachelorette parties, girls night out parties, etc. I mean, guys can come along too, but wouldn’t this be super fun for a girls day?

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We were recently gifted a mermaid tail from aquamermaid.com as a member of the USFG. I’d done a review, last year, on another type of tail but our middle daughter wanted to try one of her own. I really liked how the Aquamermaid brand looked so I wanted to try this one out with her. It didn’t disappoint!

I also liked the fact that these are available for Mermaid swimming party for kids and adults! You can learn to swim in this fun and dynamic 60-minute aqua-fitness class in a mermaid’s tail. You’ll learn different synchronized swimming techniques to get you feeling like aΒ  mermaid. They leave time for photos at the end, so bring your camera to get the perfect shot of you as a mermaid.

* Swimmable mermaid tail are supplied. *Requirements: Minimum age 7 yrs & participants mustΒ  know how to swim. *Mermaid tails also available for purchase.

The mermaid tail we received is a lovely green and yellow color. It’s available in a variety of colors and has “scales” printed onto the fabric and it shines in the light, giving it a glittery affect.

We weren’t given the option to choose a size but I see on the website that there are sizes available, including XL sizes.

The monofin for this mermaid tail is very easy to put on. It is silicone, versus neoprene, and your feet simply slide partway in. It has a strap that goes around the ankles to secure it in place.

The swimsuit part of the tail has a zipper for easy access to the monofin. This made it very easy to put on. I had my daughter slide the monofin into the mermaid tail swimsuit, then slide the suit over her legs. We then slipped her feet into the monofin, adjusted it and zipped up the side of the tail. Then she finished pulling the swim tail up into place.

Super easy!

I can’t wait until this summer when she can really test it out swimming!

Check out the Aquamermaid website for more info on buying a mermaid tail, hosting a party and accessories available! You can also save 10% with the code below!

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Have you ever been swimming in a mermaid tail? What did you think? Can you swim like a mermaid or would you take lessons to learn?

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