Low Carb Soups: Save Money On 5 Nourishing Ingredients

Trim Healthy is my go to for low carb / low glycemic ingredients when it comes to making my wintertime low carb soups. It’s cold and nasty outside here in KY, right now, and soup is definitely on our menu for the month! Right now, THM is having a sale on all the ingredients to help make healthy, nourishing low carb soups.

Low Carb Soups

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Sale Ingredients For Low Carb Soups

Just Gelatin
SALE PRICE: $16.49
*reg price $16.99-YOU SAVE  $0.50

Baobab Boost Powder
SALE PRICE: $12.99
*reg price $13.99-YOU SAVE  $1.00

Glucomannan “Gluccie” Fiber Supplement
SALE PRICE: $20.99
*reg price $21.99-YOU SAVE  $1.00

Nutritional Yeast
*reg price $7.99-YOU SAVE  $0.50

High Mineral Salt
*reg price $6.29-YOU SAVE  $0.50

If you like biscuits or low carb bread with your soup, the Biscuit & Scone Mix and the No Carb Easy Bread are also on sale.

Biscuit & Scone Mix
*reg price $9.99-YOU SAVE  $1.00

No Carb Easy Bread Mix 2pk.
*reg price $10.29-YOU SAVE  $1.00

One of my favorite soups during the winter is potato soup. That isn’t a low carb soup but you can make a faux-tato soup that is by substituting the potatoes with cauliflower OR radishes! In my opinion, radishes work much better than cauliflower. The reason, to me, is that the radishes lose their peppery flavor and become very mild but have more of a potato texture. Cauliflower, on the other hand, has a rice-like texture and still tastes like cauliflower. While I love it for what it is, I don’t like it as a substitute.

How Do You Make Low Carb Faux-Tato Soup Thick And Creamy?

It’s simple. You use cream cheese in place of traditional thickeners like a flour roux. I love to use a chive cream cheese. This gives a wonderful flavor while also creating a creamy base for your soup. I have a Faux-Tato Soup AND Potato Soup recipe coming next week so check back, or better yet, subscribe to our email list to get notified of the recipe.

Be sure to get your mineral salt and gelatin so you can make my upcoming and more low carb soups!

If you’re looking for more low carb soups recipes, grab one of the THM cookbooks for several amazing recipes! If you’re not low carb, they have delicious E Soup recipes (healthy carb based) as well!

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