Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Medical Marijuana Card In Maryland

Unlike Colorado, California, Michigan, Alaska, and other states, recreational marijuana is still illegal in Maryland. However, medical cannabis is allowed in the Old Line State since Dec. 1, 2017, when medical dispensaries started selling to patients.

However, anybody cannot merely visit a dispensary to purchase cannabis. They need to show first a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card issued by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The dispensary will run into trouble in state laws if they sell to anybody who walks into their doors. For once, their license can be revoked. And they went through so much to secure the permit. After all, the state places a cap on the number of dispensaries that can operate in Maryland.

Here are the frequently asked questions on the medical marijuana card in the state:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Medical Marijuana Card In Maryland

1. Can Anybody Apply for a medical marijuana card?

The state imposes strict requirements to secure the Maryland Medical Marijuana Card. First, you must obtain a certification from the doctor who is licensed to prescribe medical marijuana. The doctor should be registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

You also have to be a resident of Maryland, and must also be registered with the same Commission. You need to be at least 18 years old. If not, your parent or legal guardian should register for you. They serve as co-guarantors.

2. How do you find a medical marijuana provider?

You can visit the Commission website for a list of doctors. Alternatively, you can secure the help of third-party providers, which already have their own doctors. You can then schedule an appointment with the doctor. These service providers will also help you throughout the whole process, which makes it more convenient for the patient.

3.  Can I reuse the same card repeatedly?

No. You can only use the certificate from the doctor for one time. You present the document, along with your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card, to buy cannabis. The certificate will expire after 120 days and is non-transferable, so make sure you remember the date of issuance. You may not also use the document to buy cannabis from another state.

4. How much is the fee for the card?

The Commission charges $200 for the Maryland Medical Marijuana Card. However, veterans will get a discount of $30 from the original price. The cost involves the processing of documents, doctor’s visits, and medical cannabis education. You may apply online through the official website of the Commission.

5. What are the requirements one should have to apply for a card?

Bring a photo ID, medical records, x-rays, maintenance medicine, or doctor’s notes during the day of the evaluation. The submitted documents will be evaluated, and you may need to bring in more proof, depending on the assessment. In the first year of implementation, sales for medical marijuana surpassed the $100 million mark. The entire industry is projected to double in size by the end of 2019, according to the Commission. With that said, recreational weed is still illegal in the state. However, lobby groups are hard at work to make it legal. But as long as it is not happening yet, you will have to secure a medical marijuana card.

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