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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Medcenter System for review. All opinions are my own and were formed through personal testing of the product. Your results may vary.

It seems like the older I get the more medicines and supplements I have to take. And the more I have to take, the harder it is to remember to take them! I take blood pressure medicine twice a day and allergy medicine, vitamin D, multi-vitamins and probiotics once a day. I know that’s a lot less than some folks, but it can be hard to remember to take it. Especially considering that I HATE to take medicine.

I have alarms set on my phone that work well enough for me but I wanted to find something that would work for those that take medicine multiple times per day. I wanted something, too, that would let me set alarms for several times per day when my kids are on antibiotics. This school year has been awful for sickness. My girls have had strep throat over 9 times, among the three of them, since October! That’s a lot of sickness and a lot of medicine times to remember. I wanted a unit that could remind us all when it was time to take our medicines. I also liked the idea of something that physically shows me that I have taken my medicine for the day.

I found it with Medcenter Systems, a monthly “calendar” system that allows you to fill up to a months worth of pill boxes in a neat, organized, daily system.

Medcenter Systems

This is a system that would have been so beneficial to my mom when she was living. She had to take anywhere from 16 – 21 different pills at a time, multiple times per day. That was after she’d had cervical cancer and was suffering from radiation damage from her treatment. She had a lot of medicines to take and it was very hard to keep up with them all.

This system emphasizes the “Date” rather than the “Day of the Week.” This repetition of the “Date” helps ensure consistency, even if the user is unsure whether it is Monday or Tuesday.​ Millions of Americans do not take their medicines correctly.  People simply forget to take them, are confused about when and in what amount to take them, or lack the personal organization to carry out the daily task.

It is a large unit but it is very handy. It has pill boxes for 31 days. Each day of the month. Each pill box is divided into 4 compartments for morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime doses. Each pill box has a red end and a green end. You start by having your pill boxes with the red end facing up. You put one pill box on the lower level for medicine to be taken that day. After you take that days medicine, you place it back in the calendar with the other end, the green end, facing up.

Medcenter Systems

That is a really neat feature because it lets you see the days you’ve taken your medicine and the days you have left. It also has a removable digital clock with up to 4 alarms. You can set them to alert you at 4 different intervals throughout the day. You can set alarm tone to either beep or give a vocal command. With the vocal command, a very nice female voice reminds you that it is time for your medicine. Then you push a button to tell it that you’ve taken your medicine.

Medcenter Systems

Here is a quick video showing you the audio alarm:

The digital clock has very large numbers and a light up display so it is easy to read. It also has a button that you can press that reads the time aloud. Overall the unit is pretty easy to use. All the buttons to set the clock and alarms are on the back of the clock. I like that you can remove the clock so you can keep your unit on the counter, bathroom, night stand, etc but have the clock nearby. If you or your loved one likes to sit in the recliner and watch TV, then they can have the alarm clock and even that days pill box right beside them so they don’t miss it.

Medcenter Systems

Here is a quick video showing you the light up display as well as the audio time readout:

There are a few different varieties of Medcenter Systems available. The MedCenter System has a suggested retail price of $74.95 with the talking LCD clock and $34.95 without it. Other products include: the Monthly Mini Monthly Organizer ($24.95), Traveler Weekly Organizer ($19.95), Daily Pill Organizer ($18.95), Daily Pill Organizer with Alarm ($28.95), and 5-Alarm Sport Watch ($24.95).

More products can be seen here: https://www.medcentersystems.com/Store.html.

I might not be at the point where I, personally, need such a large medication dosing system but I love knowing that such a thing is out there. The Medcenter Systems really are a handy piece of medical equipment.

Have you used Medcenter Systems? Is this, or even the smaller versions, a system that would be beneficial to you or someone you love?

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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