5 Reasons To Memorize Phone Numbers

There’s nothing like a broken phone to make you appreciate being able to memorize phone numbers. It’s a good idea to help your children learn the numbers of family members, friends, and medical professionals in case their technology goes down.

They’re Easier To Remember.

In today’s technological age, it can be difficult to remember significant numbers without your phone. From work numbers to the number of your favorite pizza restaurant, it’s easy for all those numbers to become buried in a contact list that may or may not be backed up. That is why many still wonder if should I memorize phone numbers or just rely on technology.

The good news is it only takes a couple of minutes to memorize those important numbers. It’s a great way to exercise your brain and improve memory retention.

One key to memorizing numbers is using a technique called “chunking.” This means breaking down a long number into smaller pieces that are easier to recall. 

They’re Easier To Spell

Whether it’s your toddler practicing their ABCs or your aging parents struggling to remember their multiplication tables, the fact is that numbers are harder to memorize than words. This is because our brains are not good at forming memories from abstract concepts that lack context.

To combat this, try breaking a number into chunks of letters or numbers to make it easier for the brain to recognize. In addition, use spacing and digit grouping conventions to improve readability (e.g., using periods or adding spaces between digits).

Another way to make it easier for the brain to recognize and recall a phone number is using mnemonic devices like songs. Think back to grade school when you learned the alphabet, farm animals, and your times tables through song; this same tactic can be used for memorization.

They’re Easier To Remember In An Emergency.

In this day of crazy mobile technology, memorizing significant numbers is a good idea. In the case of an emergency, having the number to police, fire, hospitals, and poison control at your fingertips can save lives. If you live in an area that doesn’t have 911 service, the 999 number will work just as well.

The government chose 911 because it was short and easy to remember and had no previous associations as an office or service code. Using mnemonic devices, associating a number with a song, or breaking up long numbers into chunks is another way to help your brain learn and retain information. Even better, a vanity number incorporating your business’s name or niche is an effective marketing tool that helps customers recall your company easily.

They’re Easier To Recall

When numbers lack meaning, they’re difficult to remember. Adding meaning to a phone number through a vanity word creates an association that makes it easier for your customers to recall and dial. It’s important to memorize the number of VIPs, like your children’s teachers and emergency contacts, in case you lose or break your smartphone (or suffer from digital amnesia). Memorizing numbers shows that you have a working memory that can hold sequential information for later retrieval. This type of memory, episodic memory, can help us recall specific memories from our lives. Recalling sequential digits showcases your brain’s ability to use chunking, which organizes and stores information into manageable bits, making it easier to retrieve.

They’re Easier To Dial

It’s easy to forget important numbers, especially when we have many other things on our minds. That’s why remembering phone numbers for those you call most frequently or who can help you in an emergency (like your office landline) is worth remembering.

For example, if your car dies on the highway, you’ll want to be able to remember your local auto body shop or roadside assistance number. Likewise, if you’re dealing with an animal emergency, having the number of your local animal control agency handy is helpful.

Memorizing phone numbers is a good brain exercise that improves your ability to recall other information later. By designing telephone numbers with simple, easily readable formats, you can make them easier for your customers to remember.

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