Merle’s Pearls Translucent Powder – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Y’all, I had plans to do a Mother’s Day gift roundup this year but we had a family tragedy and I just didn’t get to focus on it. I do have one great gift idea for you all, though, and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do. I love makeup and I love getting makeup as gifts. I especially love things that are nicely packaged and beautiful to look at. With that said, my new favorite translucent face powder is called Merle’s Pearls Translucent Powder – and it is amazing. This would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift if you or your mom are into makeup.

I’ll give a little info further down but here’s my opinion first. In all honesty, when I first opened the package, I thought it was going to be way too dark for my complexion. I knew it was called a translucent powder but it just looks dark! I gave it a go though and OMG – it’s perfection! It may look like balls of dark makeup but it’s soft, silky powder that is, in fact, translucent! WOOT!

Slide above image to the right to see open box

Merle’s Pearls comes beautifully packaged in a red box. The container looks like diamonds and is very elegant and “gift worthy”. It also comes with an applicator brush. The bristles are very soft and let the powder glide over your skin. It looks high end and feels high end.

Merle's Pearls Translucent Powder Set

Look at these gorgeous pearls of powder! You just gently rub the brush over the pearls and it picks up the powder. Then brush it on. Since it’s translucent, I like to use it over my finished face to set my makeup. I said it earlier but this powder is so silky and smooth and beautiful! There’s is no weird odor. It smells fresh and clean and isn’t heavy. It feels great.

Merle's Pearls Translucent Powder

I keep it in my travel makeup bag, since that is when I wear makeup most. I took it with us, recently, when Clay and I took a belated weekend getaway for his birthday. It looked so pretty on the vanity table at our cabin. I just had to take a picture! This powder only takes a small amount so it will last awhile and makes a wonderful gift idea!

Merle's Pearls Translucent powder
Me wearing Merle's Pearls Translucent powder

Here’s some more info.

Merle’s Pearls are available while supplies last in Studios and on the website. SRP is $54

Merle’s Pearls Translucent Powder:

In 1931 Merle Norman founded Merle Norman Cosmetics – a 91 year old legendary brand with generations of customers.

Merle’s Pearls – as they are lovingly referred to – were snippets of inspiration that she shared with her family, friends, and Studio owners. Her newsletters were filled with life lessons and anecdotes – some of which we have shared below. Everyone looked forward to hearing Merle’s words of encouragement.

In a nod to her pearls of wisdom, Merle Norman Cosmetics has introduced Merle’s Pearls – a gorgeous, limited edition pearl collection which delivers a dreamy, translucent satin finish when dusted over any skin tone. The Gift Set includes Italian-made multicolored Powder Pearls in a jewel faceted jar and angled Powder Brush.  A magical swirl of sparkle exactly embodies the essence of Merle Norman.

A few of Merle’s Pearls of Wisdom:

Long ago, I discovered that every happy sunrise is a grand time to start to do my best: to love my neighbor and my neighbor’s neighbor, to lend a sympathetic ear to real sorrow, to give a concrete expression to want, to refuse scandal and gossip, to look for and see only the beauty of life. And so, each day has been a vital, palpitating experience, which spreads before me NOW, and the New Year has always taken care of itself day by day. It’s TODAY that we live. 

There is only one approach to a successful business enterprise: Sincerity.

Most of us have a goal which we want to reach more than anything in the world. We look up to and envy an individual who has gained that goal, never dreaming that within ourselves are the powers and strength and means of attaining even greater heights. A friend is one who continues to love you in spite of your success.

Moments of solitude are as important to balanced living as a balanced diet.  If you have no time of your own to figure out your problems – you get in a rut. This leads to a narrowed outlook on life, to discouragement, even frustration. Live with your own soul first. That’s the thing that remains with you through eternity – not the bickerings and inconveniences of living. They pass away. Take the time to take  inventory of yourself. That’s what we’re here for.

I hope you enjoy these little “Pearls”. If you try the powder, tag me on Instagram @cinnamonhollow with a photo. I’d love to see your makeup look using it!

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