Lessen The Severity Of Hot Flashes And Dry Skin During Perimenopause

This is a TMI, very long gotta vent personal backstory post that will also give you tips to lessen the severity of hot flashes and dry skin during perimenopause, one of 3 stages of menopause.

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The Backstory

My 44th Birthday

Ladies, I just turned 44 years old a few weeks ago. Happy Birthday to me! I rang it in with night sweats that left me miserable and hot, in a condo, in another state. It was not my first night sweat, mind you, but miserable, none-the-less. You see, 3 years ago, my GYN diagnosed me with peri-menopause – still having cycles, but they are highly irregular and all the other symptoms of menopause are occurring. My Dr. assured me it should only last around 10 years.


ten YEARS!

I have to suffer with this for 10 years and he made it seem like no big deal. Uuugh

Hot flashes, night sweats, extreme moodiness to the point I can’t even stand myself. Fatigue. Hair loss. Inflammation. You name it, this girl has been battling it. Now, I have been able to lessen the severity of most of it through diet, essential oils, cbd oil and some super “cool” store bought products. But there are some things that are just getting worse.

If you’re still hanging in there with me, thank you, and keep reading because I do get to the tips shortly.

The doc refused to do blood work to check hormone levels because “they fluctuate too much” and just immediately put me on birth control the last couple of years because my periods were super heavy and irregular, as well as to help with the horrid mood swings and month long continuous panic attack I was having! Period-wise I was to the point where I may have one this month, skip two months then have 2 – 2 weeks apart, then none for 4 months. They were crazy! The birth control solved those issues, BUT, caused a whole host of other problems.

It did keep me on a regular 28 day schedule. It did NOT lessen the heaviness. In fact, it caused them to be even heavier! I’m talking changing a 10 hour overnight pad every 1 1/2 – 2 hours and still being worried about my clothes. Tons of pain and large clots. My regular GYN left and I was switched to a female. When told about the issues on the birth control she simply said ” hmmm interesting”. That was it. No other doctorly advice. Just… interesting.

THEN, it spiked my blood pressure. I had high bp in the past and took medication but diet changes (Trim Healthy Mama) lowered it naturally and I hadn’t been on medication for years. Until now. My primary care Dr. immediately pulled me off the birth control and started me back on blood pressure meds until I could get in to see the gynecologist. Once I got in to see her, she put me back on the birth control, as long as the bp medication worked, because my cycles were erratic again. My blood pressure, once again, spiked and my cycles were heavier than ever. So, I took myself off the birth control and told my GYN I just wanted to see how my periods were, naturally, for awhile.

They’ve been…. well…. non-existent! I’m looking at 33 days since I should have started my regular (non-birth control) period. I feel like I’m going to have it and then nothing. So, I have no idea what’s going on there, other than regulating from going off the birth control as well as simply being perimenopausal. Yay me.

The Tips To Lessen The Severity Of Hot Flashes

Thanks for reading all that, y’all. Seriously.

But I promised you some perimenopausal (and menopausal) tips to help lessen the severity of hot flashes and dry skin. So here they are.

#1. Diet. I know, I know, all we ever hear is change your diet. But, I have to say that there is some truth to it. Sugar is a huge culprit when it comes to inflammation AND those awful night sweats and hot flashes!!! I know we’re not all the same, but, please try this. Cut back on and then cut out sugar for a few months and see if it helps you. You WILL have some detox and withdrawal period so please give it a fair chance. You may have worse night sweats for a week or so while the sugar leaves your body but hang in there! Drink plenty of water or make yourself some lemon water each day or water with a tsp of apple cider vinegar and some non-artificial sweetener to help flush it out. Then, in a few weeks, see if those sweats have calmed down some.

#2. Stay Hydrated. Staying hydrated helps keep you cool, as well as doing wonderful things for your skin. It helps prevent dry skin and keeps it looking smoother. It doesn’t have to be plain water, but limit caffeine, if you can. It’s a diuretic and can actually dehydrate you. Herbal teas are great! I have one caffeinated Oolong tea first thing in the morning followed by a quart jar of water that I refill as needed. I also drink fruity non-caffeinated teas with my meals if I’m wanting something besides water, as well as Good Girl Moonshine (no alcohol) and Boost Juice. Those are Trim Healthy Mama drinks.

#3. Cooling Sprays. I’ve shared with you some DIY cooling recipes using peppermint essential oil but you may prefer something pre-made, store-bought and ready to use and I have an idea for a great one of those as well! I’ve been using this suki ERA Reviving Cooling Spray when I have a bad one hit and it has really helped. It is also very hydrating to the skin so it’s helping combat the dryness that’s come along with the perimenopause.

Read more on just the Reviving Cooling Spray here.

sukiERA Skincare - Reviving Cooling Spray - lessen the severity of hot flashes

I like that this spray is synthetic-free. It does NOT contain parabens, phthlates, pertrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes, sulfates, gluten or gmos. It gives an instant cooling effect without being drying. It feels great on my skin! I use it on my wrist pulse points, on the back of my neck, my face and chest. Sometimes, I even spritz a little on my ankles and the bottoms of my feet for quicker relief. There is something about that cooling on my feet that immediately makes me feel better.

I carry it in my purse so I have it when I need it! Because hot flashes don’t just happen at night, ya know? Plus, it works when I’m just hot, too. It’s not just to lessen the severity of hot flashes. I can cool off when I need to and I love that!

To speak a little more on this, it is a product from Suki Skincare’s ERA line. This collection was specifically designed for peri and menopausal women. You can use this cooling spray when ever you’re feeling over heated, not just during a hot flash! It contains Fresoclat MGA and Betaine – both natural, for natural cooling and skin conditioning.

Let me know if you give it a try!

#4. CBD Oil. If you’re not into cbd oil , that’s perfectly fine. I’m here to tout the effectiveness of relieving my own anxiety, giving me a sense of calm and helping with my hormones, naturally. The brand and specific product I use to achieve that is Trim Healthy Mama Feminine Balance. It has essential oils that help, naturally, balance a woman’s hormones.

I use it sublingually – under the tongue. Just a couple drops is all I need to calm me down. When I can’t get the THM Feminine Balance because it may be out of stock, I look for a peppermint flavor instead. The peppermint instantly calms me AND offers a cooling effect that helps during sweats!

#5. Wear Lightweight And Moisture Wicking Clothing. There’s nothing worse than getting night sweat drenched in clothing that clings and takes forever to dry. Wearing lightweight, moisture wicking fabrics help keep you cooler and dry much quicker when a hot flash does hit. Think athletic wear when it comes to doing chores, running errands and even sleeping! Cotton fabric is not your friend during these times, no matter how soft and comfy it may feel. Check out these moisture wicking pajamas.

#6. Sleep With A Fan. I know this may sound like a “duh” statement but you’d be surprised the folks that just haven’t thought about it. If your bedroom doesn’t have a ceiling fan or your spouse/partner doesn’t want to sleep under the fan too, get a small desk fan to sit beside you. Have it, either, blowing on your face or your feet. It’s my feet that cool me the quickest so I prefer it to blow on my feet.

#6. Dry Brushing And Exfoliating. This one helps with the dry skin. I’ve noticed my skin gets that a crepe-y feeling and the skin looks and feels dry and loose. When I use my dry brush and pumice to exfoliate, my skin looks and feels much better. I follow up with this favorite moisturizer to lock in moisture and relieve dry skin.

Ok, that’s several tips that will help lessen the severity of hot flashes and dry skin during perimenopause. I have more tips and ideas but this post got way too long! If you’d like more tips, let me know and I’ll get another post up with more.

Be sure to check out the reviving cooling spray from Suki Skincare and let me know what you think! If you try it, leave us a comment here on the blog OR tag us in Instagram with a photo of your bottle!

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