Suki Skincare Reviving Cooling Spray: Cool Off During Menopause

Ok, so I recently shared a very long backstory about my personal experience with perimenopause, what my Dr.’s did and didn’t do and the products I use to combat the symptoms. It’s long. Very long. So, I wanted to give you just a short post with one of my favorite products from the article: Suki Skincare Reviving Cooling Spray.

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I’ve shared with you some DIY cooling recipes using peppermint essential oil but you may prefer something pre-made, store-bought and ready to use! Something quick, pre-made and super easy to use!

I’ve been using this suki ERA Reviving Cooling Spray when I have a bad hot flash/night sweat hit, as well as when I’m just hot from the heat wave Kentucky (and many other states) has been experiencing, and it has really helped. It is also very hydrating to the skin so it’s helping combat the dryness that’s come along with the perimenopause. This cooling spray is part of Suki Skincare’s ERA line. This collection was specifically designed for peri and menopausal women and contains Fresoclat MGA and Betaine – both natural, for natural cooling and skin conditioning. Along with a few other ingredients, it also contains 100% pure essential oils of Grapefruit, Lavandin, Lime, Cornmint, Tangerine, Bergamot, Bois de Rose, Patchouli, Lemon, Vetiver, & Yuzu. Y’all know I’m all about my essential oils!

sukiERA Skincare - Reviving Cooling Spray - lessen the severity of hot flashes

Info from the company on 2 of the ingredients.

Frescolat MGA

Frescolat MGA is a natural, clean cooling agent that sends a signal upon contact to relieve & cool the skin, especially during a hot flash.


Betaine is a vegetable derived active natural conditioning agent that moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin while increasing moisture retention.

That is all I know about those 2 ingredients. If you’d like more information, I recommend doing your own research (online search) on the effects and uses.

As mentioned in the previous article, this spray does NOT contain parabens, phthlates, pertrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes, sulfates, gluten or gmos. It gives an instant cooling effect and feels great on my skin! I use it on my wrist pulse points, on the back of my neck, my face and chest. Most often, I even spritz a little on my ankles and the bottoms of my feet for quicker relief. My feet and ankles seem to be my biggest cooling points so I always use products there, first. Be it an ice pack, cooling spray, peppermint cooling powder, etc. The feet get treated first and I cool off much quicker!

I carry it in my purse so I have it when I need it! Because hot flashes don’t just happen at night, ya know? Plus, it works when I’m just hot, too. It’s not just to lessen the severity of hot flashes. I can cool off when I need to and I love that!

Be sure to check out the reviving cooling spray from Suki Skincare and let me know what you think! If you try it, leave us a comment here on the blog OR tag us in Instagram with a photo of your bottle!

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