Here Are Ways To Prepare Your Kid For An MRI

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a scan doctors use to diagnose conditions like cancer, seizures, and others. This procedure is safe for people of all ages, including children. If your child has to go for an MRI scan, they may be scared or might have questions and concerns. Your duty as the parent is to assure them of their safety, answer their questions and address any concerns they may have. Therefore, you should prepare your kid to know what they will be going through and the importance of the procedure. The following are simple tips on preparing your kid for an MRI scan. 

Explain MRI in Simple Language

The best way to help our child understand what is going on is by explaining MRI in simple language. Being honest with them and helping them know about the procedures will reduce anxiety up to the day of the scan. Use both audio and visuals to help your child understand better. Show them pictures of the inside of the body and let them know that that is how the machine sees it. Assure them that it is a painless procedure and there is nothing to worry about. However, it would help if you let them know that the machine makes loud noises, and the doctor will let them wear headphones to muffle the noise. 

Find a Comfortable Center

Making your child comfortable with the procurements is finding a good center with excellent services and friendly staff. Many kids are claustrophobic in the MRI tunnel. Therefore, you should find an MRI clinic with ambiance and comfort to reduce fear and ensure your kid can endure the session. Your child may require sedation, which means you must confirm the anesthetist is qualified to administer the correct dose. You can also ask the doctor to pretend to play during the scan to make the child comfortable. Ensure the doctors and nurses are friendly and assure the child of safety and comfort. 

Answer Questions Accurately

Your child will have many questions before the scan day. Therefore, you have the duty of answering them accurately but in a gentle way. They may want to know what happens during and after the MRI scan and how the scans will help them. Explain to them the problem they have and why they need the scan. You can call their doctor to explain some things to them and clear the doubts. 

Let Them Know You Have Something Nice Planned 

Your child will have concerns during the procedure. However, giving them something to look forward to can be a good way of eliminating anxiety. Assure them of something nice like an ice cream treat or a gift. It will encourage them to take the procedure bravely to get the treatment. Ensure you or your kid has no metallic items in the MRI room since the scanner uses a strong magnet that can pull any metallic item. 


It is essential to make your child less anxious as they wait or undergo MRI scans. As the parent, ensure you educate them about MRI scans and what they are performing. Assure them of a painless procedure and great results. It is also essential to ensure the people involved, like the doctors and nurses at the clinic, support you in keeping your child comfortable. So, answer questions, practice at home and promise a treat afterward. 

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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