Mommy Snack Time w/Del Monte Diced Peaches w/Cinnamon & Brown Sugar #delmonte #cbias


I don’t really get the chance to sit down for a nice, healthy snack. But when I do, I need it to be quick and easy. I try to take Monday or sometimes Tuesday nights to myself to catch up on a favorite show, like Dancing With the Stars, Castle or Body of Proof. I don’t usually get the watch all three. I usually have to choose ahead of time which one will be my time for me. And I almost always still work during the commercials either catching up on books I am reviewing or working online. So even when I get that Mommy Time, I’m still working! Sometimes I get Thursday to watch Vampire Diaries, but not often enough lately. My TV time is almost non-existent these last 2 months.

I love diced peaches as a snack and I recently found a NEW product by Del Monte at our local Walmart. They are Diced Peaches with Cinnamon and brown Sugar. Oh HEAVEN! They are super yummy on their own but to add a little crunch and creaminess, I put my peaches in a cereal bowl, added 1 – 2 tablespoons of Vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of granola. It is perfection in a bowl and make the perfect Mommy Snack when I need a little break. Sometimes I change it up a little buy warming the peaches and using some Redi-Whip and crushed cinnamon graham crackers instead of the yogurt and granola.

delmontepeaches11.jpg delmontepeaches9.jpg delmontepeaches8.jpg delmontepeaches7.jpg

Doesn’t that look really good? It tastes even better than it looks!


I have yet one other way that these peaches are delightful but they are more for a full dessert and not Mommy time because they take a little more prep. I have a recipe for a Cranberry Apple bake that my favorite aunt gave me. These peaches seems like they would perfectly replace some of the ingredients so I tried it and OMG it is so yummy! I’ll share! 😀

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As I said above, I really don’t get time to myself very often. I have 4 children and the noisiest house you have ever seen. You would think there are 80 people in here at all times. So when I do get the moment to myself, they go watch a movie in another room so I can have 1 hour to myself and they KNOW it is then quiet time. I give them every minute of my time except that one hour when I can be alone and have a yummy snack. Of course, if they need me, I’m right there. But it’s nice to think I have a total hour to myself! hehehe.

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