Natural Teeth Whitening Strips: 1 Daily Step To Brighten Your Smile For The Summer

Have you ever used natural teeth whitening strips? I have been wanting to whiten my teeth the last few weeks. I guess, on top of my regular anxiety and depression, I also suffer from seasonal affective disorder because once I go from cold, dreary weather to a few bright, blue sky days, I’m ready to put some effort into my beauty routine again.

With that, I’ve really wanted to work on my teeth! I have periodontal disease and my bottom teeth, especially, have spaced out really badly the last couple years. I want to get them straightened and pushed back together but that is going to take time. In the meantime, I can keep them clean and white! I found some natural teeth whitening strips that I really wanted to try.

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is type of depression. It happens during certain seasons of the yearβ€”most often fall or winter. It is thought that shorter days and less daylight may trigger a chemical change in the brain leading to symptoms of depression. Light therapy and antidepressants can help treat SAD.

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Essential oils are VERY concentrated, do absorb into the bloodstream and some may interfere with certain medications and health conditions. For instance, I have high blood pressure and need to be careful when using rosemary essential oil. So, please, do your research before use and use with caution. With that said, essential oils can be an amazing addition to your health and wellness and natural home. This is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your use or results.

Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

These natural teeth whitening strips don’t contain any harmful chemicals and peroxide, that means they won’t affect tooth enamel or cause sensitivity. The ingredients are plant based! They use a natural brightener from Bearberry, green antioxidants and Coconut Oil.

The teeth whitening strips I found, by INOPRO, take a bit longer, per use. You apply them like regular teeth whitening strips and leave them on for 30 minutes. Follow the steps once per day for 14 days. 2 weeks to a brighter, whiter smile. I’m down!

INOPRO Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

When I first opened them I was taken aback a little. They are green! GREEN! I’m so used to seeing white whitening strips that I didn’t expect them to have a color. But the natural teeth whitening strips are, in fact, green. Not gonna lie, I was a little scared they would turn my teeth green! Never fear, though, they didn’t. πŸ˜‚

INOPRO Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

But, did they work? Did the INOPRO natural teeth whitening strips actually whiten my teeth? See for yourself in this before and after. I’m only showing my top teeth, which have always had a gap because I’m very embarrassed by how my bottom teeth look right now. Rest assured, though, the color is the same top and bottom.

INOPRO Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

This is after just a the FIRST use. It’s hard to tell from a photo, but, in person I can really tell an immediate difference. My teeth are whiter! I will follow up after I’ve used them for the full 2 weeks. I’m still having trouble getting my health in order and keep getting new diagnoses and new medications thrown at me, so I haven’t really felt the best lately. But I’m trying to get myself back on track. One day at a time and apparently, one medication at a time.

I think the whitening strips did a pretty decent job, so far. They taste good. They’re slightly minty like toothpaste. There isn’t any burning or stinging like with some I’ve tried. The taste is very mild, however, the gel on them is very thick. It’s thicker than I’m used to and did take some getting used to. Also keep in mind it’s green so when you rinse it off you’ll have green bits of whitening gel on your teeth and in the sink. Just give them a quick brushing and rinse well and it all comes off.

INOPRO Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

They look like a stick of gum when you take them out of the packaging. But they stick on well and stay in place the full 30 minutes. They are very thin and very comfortable. I use mine at night while I’m doing my nighttime skincare routine.

INOPRO Natural Teeth Whitening Strips

I’ll pop on the strips, wash my face, use my NIRA lasers, serum and new Peptide cream and nighttime moisturizer, then take them off and rinse. Then I go to bed. Easy and done.

If you’d like to check these natural teeth whitening strips out, I ordered them on Amazon and would be super dyna-whopping happy if you’d shop through my Amazon affiliate link! It won’t add any extra costs to your order and I’ll get a lil commission for sending you over to shop.

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