Neato Phone Skins Review and Giveaway

Disclosure:  This review and giveaway was brought to you by and Neato. All opinions are strictly my own, formed through personal testing.

I am a self proclaimed phone case junky and Neato phone skins has helped me get more personalized with my phone case! While I adore the look of my pretty white phone, I always feel like it needs that extra bit of protection that a phone case offers it. even jut a silicone outer shell gives me a little extra grip and makes my phone feel more secure in my hands. I’m a klutz, I need it. But I like it to be personalized or glammed up a bit. Not just a plain Jane case. You know?

Neato Phone Skins Starter Kit

Neato skins are super cool in that I get to design my own skin, print it from my own computer and then apply it to my phone. It is removable and very easy to apply. And it comes with a clear shell so I can protect my design as well as my phone.

Neato has an online software that you use to design your phone skin. It does have some plugins that you have to download and install to your computer in order to use some of the functions like circular text, but it’s very easy to install and takes up minimal space. If you don’t want the extra effects, you don’t have to install a thing.

NEATO Online Label Design Software

NEATO Online Label Design Software Plugins

Once your design is finished you can safe a copy of it to your computer. You can also do this if you want to go back and edit it more later. You’ll then just open up the saved file in the browser software. I do with that it could save a copy of my design online. I’m not always on my desktop. So if I want to be able to edit the same design from my laptop, or Clay’s, I have to save it to a cloud service like OneDrive or DropBox. And that’s ok, it just makes me have to remember where I saved it. So online storage at the site would be a great plus.

As I mentioned, the browser software is really easy to use. You have the option of giving your skin a background. You can choose existing templates or upload your own background. Because I’m totally addicted to the Smoky Mountains, I uploaded my favorite photo from our last vacation. It is a photo of one of our mountain views. Then I used the text tool and added “Tennessee” in orange to my photo. The text tool could use a few more fonts or the ability to use your own but overall it is pretty neat… or… Neato!

NEATO Online Label Design Software

In your kit there are 5 skins that you can print on. It also comes with a template that allows you to calibrate your printer first so you get the perfect print and no over bleed or off centered designs. You can preview your design online before you print it too.

To use the skin, just print it out, peel it off the backing and place it on your phones back, aligning the holes in the skin with your camera lens, speaker, etc. It can be lifted and reapplied if you don’t get it just right the first time and then it sticks back down really well. Then you just pop on the clear case and VOILA! You’re all set.

Neato Phone Skins

Neato Phone Skins

I LOVE my Neato phone skin and case and can’t wait to use it on our next Tennessee vacation! I’m going to order another clear case so I can make a skin for Clay’s phone too. He loves the UK Wildcats so I want to make him something to show his love of UK basketball. We have the same style phone so the skins I have will work for his too. We just need another clear cover.

Speaking of phone styles, Neato offers skin kits for a variety of phone styles including:

  • Samsung Galaxy s3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (not for S4 active)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (not for S5 active)
  • Apple iPhone 4/4s
  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Apple iPhone 5/5S

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Neato Skins Starter Pack: $19.95
Neato Skins Refill Pack: $14.95
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