Night Guards For Grinding Teeth Help Protect Your Smile

Our youngest daughter and I both have a bad habit of grinding our teeth while we sleep. I also tend to push my tongue against my teeth. It’s from anxiety and it’s annoying! Our teeth and jaws ache in the morning and my tongue has teeth marks on the edges. One thing that has helped our daughter, tremendously, are night guards for grinding teeth. Custom fit from Smile Brilliant.

I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant in the past to show some of their amazing dental products and was excited to try their night guards! I had planned on trying it myself but will be having some extensive dental work in the near future, so my daughter wanted to try one instead.

She clenches and grinds her teeth together, at night, and it causes a lot of jaw pain the next day. The night guard helps prevent that by placing a barrier between her top and bottom teeth.

The custom fit night guard is super easy to create and everything you need comes in the kit. The process is the same as when creating the custom teeth whitening trays, if you remember me showing that a few years ago. The only difference is that for night guards, you only need top OR bottom. You don’t need both since one will create the barrier you need.

I have a quick video of the process, as well as photos, but you just:

  • Mix the Base Paste and Catalyst Paste together by folding it together a few times.
  • As soon as it is a solid color (no more white), place it in the impression mold.
  • Then, push it up and onto your teeth and hold it in place for 2 minutes. Don’t bite down on it, just hold it firmly in place.
  • Let it sit to harden, rinse, dry and mail it off in the pre-paid envelope.

Here’s a step-by-step:

I forgot to take a photo of the paste lining the mold, before pushing it onto her teeth. 🀦

Smile Brilliant technicians will receive your mold and create your custom fit night guard. Easy and done.

When it arrives, give it a rinse and dry then you’re good to go. It is thin and flexible and snaps onto the teeth easily.

She has been sleeping in her mouth guard every night for over a week and has had great results. Her teeth hurt a bit the first few mornings, most likely from clenching her jaw against the guard. Over a few days, though, that has lessened and she is used to wearing it now.

At first, we were worried it wouldn’t stay in place while she slept because it doesn’t come very far up on the gums. That is to prevent gum irritation, though. And we realized that once it’s on and she goes to bed, it stays very secure. I’m happy with it. She’s happy with it. She’s getting relief and is sleeping well and not waking with jaw pain and that’s all that matters.

Along with the night guards and whitening trays, 2 other Smile Brilliant products I love are dental probiotics and plaque highlighters. Dental probiotics help reduce bad bacteria and increase good bacteria in the mouth for fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums. The plaque highlighters show purple on the teeth where there is still bacteria or food.

Have you tried either of those? Do you grind your teeth at night or use night guards to prevent it?

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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