NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Box – A Unique Holiday Gift Idea

I am a big fan of subscription box services. I especially love ones that I can customize each time. One of my new (and newly released) favorites is Undiscovered, by NOVICA . I’ve shared items from NOVICA with you in the past, including jewelry, face masks, etc. All items are handcrafted by artisans around the world. One of my favorite items I’ve received was from last year. It was a sleeveless Kimono handmade in India. I wore it as part of my Halloween costume just because the colors and textile pattern were perfect for the occasion. It is gorgeous! It’s super comfortable too. I wore it again this year and plan on it again next year. I never wanted to take it off. It doesn’t go with my personal fashion style of blue jeans and t-shirts, so I enjoy it that one time per year. But I digress. What I want to share with you, today, is the NOVICA Undiscovered artisan box – a quarterly subscription box service that you will love, either for yourself or as Holiday gifts for others this year! We received a complimentary box to showcase on our channels.

Every three months subscribers will receive an Undiscovered artisan box. Each box will contain around $200 worth of incredible artisan-crafted items in a variety of categories for the price of $59.99 plus shipping. You can cancel at any time, so, if you want to test one out or give one as a gift, it’s super easy to just buy one. You’ll probably love it though, and will keep the subscription going because the handcrafted items are phenomenal!

NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Box

The box arrives wrapped in thick red paper and tied with ribbons. Each item is individually packaged or wrapped as well. It is packaged so beautifully.

NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Box Wrapped
NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Box Unboxing

There are cards with each product indicating the artist and region.

From NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Box:

“Each box offers a unique exploration of a new region led by an Artisan Guide. You’ll discover insider tips, behind-the-scenes stories and special recipes from the lands each guide calls home. Our first box will take you to Bali — there Seji Taram will introduce you to a Bali that few have seen — Undiscovered Bali.”

NOVICA Undiscovered

All Undiscovered Box products are fair trade, socially-conscious and ethically handmade by NOVICA’s featured artisans in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

I will show you the items I selected and then the ordering process. I was lucky enough to receive their inaugural box – UNDISCOVERED Bali. I have photos as well as a quick unboxing video to show you everything I received. It is all BEAUTIFUL! There is something so special about handcrafted artisan pieces. I will treasure these forever!

As I mentioned, I received their inaugural box. The very first theme – Bali! I received 5 artisan pieces from a Bali crafter. and they’re exquisite. The 5 items I chose for my first box are:

  1. Handwoven Cotton Throw “Natural Warmth”
  2. Teak Wood Appetizer Bowl “Forest Slice”
  3. Brass & Blue Agate Unity Blanket “Golden Handshake”
  4. Incense Gift Set “Temple”
  5. Aluminum Candle “Pillar Of Light”

click to enlarge images

I tried to choose a variety of items that I felt would represent different types of crafters. Textile, woodwork, stone and metal. I think I did pretty well. I can’t wait to use my appetizer bowl at Thanksgiving! I plan to put some cheese and crackers in it before our meal is served. My blanket, I will use at Christmas. We are doing “Christmas Movie Night” this year and wearing our pajamas, covering up with our favorite blankets and watching movies on our projector/screen. I can’t wait for that! The bracelet and incense sets will be gifts to a couple very special people. And the candle will go beside my big bathtub for my girls and I to each enjoy when we are soaking away a stressful day. All the items would make superb gifts but I’m being a little stingy with a couple. he he

There will usually be a couple little extras included, as surprises, as well. This is the extra we received.

NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Box 1

Here is my Undiscovered Artisan Box unboxing video

To order your box, you will go through a series of pages, selecting one or two items from each page. It will tell you how many you can select. For example, on the first page, I chose one item. On the next two pages, I chose two items, each, for a total of 5 items.

click to enlarge images

Then I went through the checkout process which was simple. The subscription will auto-renew each quarter with a theme from a different location. You can skip a box or cancel, as well. Their FAQ page has instructions on how to cancel, if you need to. It’s that simple.

Do you love subscription boxes? Have you ever ordered one as unique as the Undiscovered artisan box? Which items will you choose for your Bali box? Leave us a comment, below, and/or tag us on Instagram @cinnamonhollow with photos of your first box! We love to share in the excitement and fun!

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