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Oh my gosh, have you ever had a Tomahawk steak? If, not, you’re missing out because they are incredible! Clay likes to splurge for our anniversary and gets us one to enjoy. I like my steak well done and he likes his more medium so he’ll usually get 2 and we have a ton of steak for 2 – 3 meals because they are huge! πŸ˜‚ They are expensive so this is something we save up for, as an anniversary treat. I figure after 26 years of marriage, we both deserve some spoiling. Right now, (12/12 – 12/18) new members receive a 30oz bone-in Tomahawk steak in their first box for FREE!

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If you haven’t signed up for Butcherbox, now is the perfect time! Tomahawk steaks are delicious, tender, juicy cuts of beef. And this one is a whopping 30 ounces! That is one gigantic steak folks! You can eat on that thing for days! he he

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12/12 – 12/18: New members receive a 30oz bone-in Tomahawk steak in their first box for FREE!

What is your favorite way to cook a steak? While I love a good ‘ole grilled steak, my favorite way is actually pan fried in butter and a splash of wine with a little garlic, salt & pepper, onions and mushrooms. Delish!

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