Ola Tropical Apothecary Sugar Polish Removes Rough, Dry Skin

Clay and I, our girls and our extended family recently took a summer vacation to Saint Simons Island, GA. Before we went, I wanted to make sure the skin on my legs and feet was in tip top, flip-flip and shorts wearing shape. I didn’t want dry, scaly skin to ruin my beach look, ya know? I was already battling eczema on my knee so I wanted to, at least, have the rest of my skin smooth and silky. I decided to try out a sample of Ola Tropical Apothecary Sugar Polish in their Rainforest scent. I love me a good sugar scrub / sugar polish!

Ola Tropical Apothecary Sugar Polish

The Ola Tropical Apothecary features nature- and Hawaiian-based Sugar Polish in the following scents:

  • Rainforest
  • Plumeria
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pikake

I really like the results I get with this sugar scrub but let me first say that this stuff is HARD to stir! Mine had a ton of oil on top and did not want to emulsify, no matter how much I tried to stir it in. And it wanted to overflow as I tried to stir it. I finally just poured a little bit of the oil off the top and proceeded to use the sugar scrub.

Ola Tropical Apothecary Sugar Polish Oil On Top

Once I did, it was wonderful. The fragrance is light and clean, not overpowering. The texture is fine, not big coarse granules. Like other scrubs, you do need to be very careful in the shower/tub, as the oils can make the surface very slippery. So be sure to rinse it out really well when you’re done using.

It has a creamy lather when using on wet skin and the oils absorb into my skin, leaving it soft and silky. I was very happy with how my skin looked when we took our beach trip!

The Ola sugar polishes containΒ pure Hawaiian Cane Sugar with Organic Hawaiian Honey along withΒ Hawaiian plant extracts with natural cleansers and tropical oils and butters. It’s decadent!

Again, mine was very hard to get emulsified. It doesn’t have any nasty ingredients in it, so perhaps some sunflower lecithin would help bind the oils and sugar. I’m not sure but once I got rid of the excess oil, this was a great scrub to use.

Do you have a favorite sugar scrub / sugar polish that you like to use? What are some of your favorite scents in a sugar scrub?

2 thoughts on “Ola Tropical Apothecary Sugar Polish Removes Rough, Dry Skin”

  1. Aloha Crystal! Thank you for reviewing our wonderful cane sugar body polish! I am so thrilled that you liked it and I appreciate your detailed observations! I just wanted to make one clarification: The separation that occurs is not just the valuable coconut, Kukui, Macadmia nut and avocado oils and cocoa seed and aloe butters, but the hand made extracts we make using Taro, Banana, Mamaki leaf, Turmeric, Ginger, Sugar cane and Aloe Vera. The honey is what causes the separation so stirring the scrub thoroughly before each use is important to maximize the benefits of all the ingredients. I know this is an extra step but it is worth it!
    Thanks again!

    • Aloha Robin!
      Thank you very much for commenting! My problem was that I never could get it mixed. After about 10 minutes of stirring it was still very separated.

      Any tips on getting it stirred in? I hate to miss out on all that goodness!


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