One Chance for THM Hemp Products and Chocolate Plus Baking Flours, New Books & Lifestyle Merch!

There is a great sale going on at THM right now, for Tuesday and Wed. I just want to preface this post by saying that my blog is acting very wonky right now and this post is a hot mess! Everytime I’d try to type something or add links, it would refresh and go back to a different version. Some things are probably without link and I’m so sorry. If you’d like to shop this sale, and my links don’t go to the correct product, PLEASE find it on the THM site. I’m so sorry. Usually, I will have the exact links for you but after 2 hours of trying to type a paragraph and add ONE link, I give up!

Here is our store link if you’d just like to go from here and do your shopping:

Affiliate links have been used in this post and/or product was received as a thank you for purchasing. Purchases made through our links earn us a small commission to pay for our website, without any fees passed on to you.Thank you for your support! Read our full disclosure policy for more info.

You may have noticed THM Hemp products have been missing for several weeks. That is because Paypal has recently made some changes in their policies, prohibiting companies from using their payment processor if they sell hemp products.

They are trying to work through it at THM but they are not sure yet if they’ll be able to keep the Hemp products on the site in future if they want to keep PayPal turned on. So, for today and tomorrow, here’s what they are offering. They are putting all hemp back on for this 48 hour sale only and turning Pay Pal off during this time. Then sadly they will go away again until sorted out.

*So to be clear PayPal will NOT be offered as a payment option on the THM store (as it usually is) for the duration of this sale. Once sale is over PayPal will be restored until we figure out a solution.

Support your endocannabinoid system with our rigorously tested hemp products.


I didn’t have time to grab all my links so please follow the link and go from there to the topical or tincture of your choice. I’m sorry.

reg $42.99/sale $39.99/$3 off


PURE & CLASSIC CBD ISOLATE HEMP TINCTUREreg $49.99/sale $44.99/$5 off

CHILLAX FULL-SPECTRUM HEMP TINCTUREreg $42.99/sale $39.99/$3 off

HEAVY HITTER 3000mg FULL-SPECTRUM HEMP TINCTURE: reg $149.99/sale $129.99/$20 off

HEAVY HITTER 3000mg CBD ISOLATE HEMP TINCTUREreg $149.99/sale $129.99/$20 off

“ONE HEMPY FAMILY” TINCTURE COLLECTION: reg $119.99/sale $114.99/$5 off 


MASCULINE PRIME CBD ISOLATE CREAMreg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off

CHILLAX CBD ISOLATE CREAMreg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off

HEMP & BLUE CBD ISOLATE CREAMreg $42.99/sale $39.99/$3 off

HEMP & BLUE CBD ISOLATE BALM: reg $42.99/sale $39.99/$3 off

ORANGE SILK PLUS CBD ISOLATE CREAMreg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off

EXTRA MILD PLUS CBD ISOLATE CREAM: reg $24.99/sale $19.99/$5 off

“ONE HEMPY FAMILY” CREAM COLLECTION: reg $99.99/sale $94.99/$5 off

*Sale prices good thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday March 17th.
While supplies last.

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See You Later Chocolate Butterfly Bars!

We have to give our beautiful chocolate butterfly bars a shout out because they are going away until fall.  Due to upcoming warm weather and the shipping conditions involved, we will no longer be making these candy bars (as some of you call them) until the fall. Get your stash of pure, inulin and sugar free bars before they sell ou

Baking Blend:Get the baking flour that changed the healthy baking world… the original Baking Blend! Make blood sugar and waistline friendly cakes, cookies, muffins and pancakes or use it as breading for meats, veggies or even as thickening for gravies, soups and chilis! This blend is the perfect balance of fiber and protein with only 1 net carb and minimal calories

BAKING BLEND 16ozreg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off
BAKING BLEND 3lbreg $25.99/sale $19.99/$6 off

*Sale prices good thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday March 17th.
While supplies last.

Oat Fiber:
Zero calories and carbs. Rashida’s famous Fuel Pull Chocolate Mint Muffins use this flour in the Trim Healthy Future cookbook. Or use it to make your own version of baking flour.

OAT FIBER 16ozreg $7.49/sale $6.99/$.50 cents off

Pressed Peanut Flour:
While nuts and nut butters are on the THM plan they can be extremely calorie heavy and when we over do them… our bodies cannot burn all that fuel. Our Pressed Peanut Flour has all the flavor of peanut butter without the oodles of calories and fat grams.

Use it wherever you want peanut flavor… smoothies, cookies, muffins, sauces and syrups… or just mix with some water, a sprinkle of mineral salt and on plan sweetener and spread it all over your apple pieces!

Whole Husk Psyllium Flakes:
This psyllium fiber is soluble which means it absorbs water and brings a spa like moisture to your digestive system.

– WHOLE HUSK PSYLLIUM FLAKES 16ozreg $12.99/sale $12.49/$.50 cents off

Cinnamon Cuffins:
A Cuffin is either a cake or a muffin… whichever you choose to bake (or nuke) with this “make life easier” dry mix.

Just add eggs or egg whites and liquid and you have yummy, sweet and cinnamonny Cuffins for snacks or desserts.

– CINNAMON CUFFINSreg $8.99/sale $8.49/$.50 cents off

Trim Healthy Starter:
Trim Healthy Starter book covers the THM basics in a succinct and easy to understand way. Filled with tips, tricks, encouragement and 50 of the best and easiest starter recipes, this spiral bound and full color book will be one for practical needs but also one for your collection.

TRIM HEALTHY STARTER BOOKreg $24.99/sale $19.99/$5 off

Trim Healthy Future:
You’ve seen the hype about it… pictures of the recipes all over social media. This cookbook is the real deal for busy Mamas who want delicious, easy food with a whole new creative spin from our precious 20 something year old niece Rashida.

Get it while it’s discounted!

– TRIM HEALTHY FUTURE Softcover Bookreg $29.99/sale $19.99/$10 off
– TRIM HEALTHY FUTURE eBookreg $14.99/sale $9.99/$5 off

Brag on your THM lifestyle and get your hip THM merch today:

I didn’t have time to grab all the links for these so please use our general link and shop from there.
TRIM HEALTHY T’s: reg $18.99/sale $14.99/$4 off
BUTTERFLY BAG CLIPS 8-PACK: reg $3.99/sale $3.49/$.50 cents off
BUTTERFLY TOTE BAGS: reg $44.99/sale $34.99/$10 off
TRIMMACCINO MUG: reg $6.99/sale $5.99/$1 off
GREEN BUTTERFLY SIPPER JAR 32oz: reg $19.99/sale $14.99/$5 off
MUFFIN MUG: reg $6.99/sale $5.99/$1off
5 PACK DOONKS: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off
BUTTERFLY CHARM NECKLACE: reg $52.99/sale $29.99/$23 off– RECIPE TIN: reg $24.99/sale $9.99/$15 off
RECIPE CARDS: BLANK CARD SET: reg $9.99/sale $8.99/$1 off
RECIPE CARDS: (FP) GREEN (: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off
RECIPE CARDS: (S) ORANGE: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off
RECIPE CARDS: (E) YELLOW: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off
STAINLESS STEEL MEASURING SPOON SET: reg $9.99/sale $6.99/$3 off
JAR JIG: reg $14.99/sale $9.99/$5 off
TROODLE VEGETABLE SLICER: reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off
STICKER: “WHAT’S FOR DINNER”: $6.99/sale $4.99/$2 off
STICKER: “HOONK IF YOU DOONK”: $6.99/sale $4.99/$2 off

Find more Trim Healthy Mama and THM Hemp info here.

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