Watch Your Child Light Up With A Personalized Book

I always have the hardest time deciding on Christmas gifts. I am just not a shopper. Clay, on the other hand, is the best. He can walk in a store, be in there a total of 20 minutes and walk out with gifts that everyone loves. I don’t have that talent. One thing I am good at buying, though, is books. We all love books and a personalized book for the kids is the way to go!

Our youngest daughter loves all the “magic” of Christmas, including Santa. We don’t actually, do Santa gifts here. My kids have never been brought up to believe he is real or that their gifts come from him. They know their gifts come from us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still do some Santa things. We still love watching the NORAD tracker and receiving special calls and videos from Santa Claus. We make Christmas about Jesus but we add in some Santa fun as well, tying it all in together the best we can. It works and it helps get them into the spirit of giving!

So, this year, I teamed up with Penwizard and ordered  our youngest daughter a personalized book featuring a few different customs of Christmas from around the world.

Personalized Book From Penwizard

Her book has her name on the front as well as inside. It also features her siblings names and even our hometown. I told her I’d received a book in the mail with her name on it and that we should read it together. Her eyes lit up when she realized it was all about her!

She was so excited that after we finished reading it together, she went and showed her brother, then her sisters. When Clay came home she showed him. She really was very excited. I was going to wait until Christmas eve and give it to her then, but I wanted her to have plenty of time to read it leading up to Christmas. I’m so glad I didn’t wait!

I was also able to add a custom message on the inside cover. I chose a simple “love, mommy and daddy” but you can add what you want.

Personalized Book From Penwizard

The graphics in her book are so pretty and bright. The story we chose talks about the Angel on the Christmas tree coming to life and sending her to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. While there, he takes her on his trip around the world, showing her some of the different Christmas customs in different countries. He even changes his appearance for each one. She loved the story and the fact that she was a part of it.

Personalized Book From Penwizard

It isn’t limited to Christmas books. Penwizard offers AW Patrol, Dora, SpongeBob, Ninja Turtles, The Snowman, all books in “Penwizard” brand category, Peppa Pig (My Mommy, My Daddy, My Granny, My Grandpa). If you want a book with a custom cartoon avatar, their U.S. licenses currently allow this for the following: Peppa Pig (all), The Snowman, Your Child Saves Christmas, Princess, Wizard, Soccer, and Knight. So there’s several to choose from!

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This items is listed on our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

Do you ever give a personalized book as a gift? Would you be happy receiving one?

2 thoughts on “Watch Your Child Light Up With A Personalized Book”

  1. Crystal,
    My 5 yr old grandson loves to hear his name as part of the story. He asks to point to where his name is in the text. I’ve got another grandchild coming in mid-January. I’m looking forward to getting personalized books for the new bundle of joy.

    • HI Martin,

      Congratulations on your new grandchild!!! It’s so wonderful that you give books to your grandchildren. I bet your grandson’s eyes light up when he hears his name in the story. I just love seeing kids recognize when a story is about them.


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