Prom. Was It The Dress Of Your Dreams?


I was looking at old photos the other day of mine and Clay’s highschool prom’s. Mine was in 1995 and his was in 1996. I loved the dresses that I wore. For my prom, I was in a rush and bought a dress that I really liked, but wasn’t necessarily in love with. It was black and glittery. I had my hair done professionally in a French Twist, which was very harsh looking.  I loved my dress but the overall look was just ok. I wasn’t thrilled with any of it. (Clay had a mullet! tehehehe)

Senior Prom 1995

For Clay’ prom, I found a dress at a thrift store that I loved but it wasn’t in my size. So my grandmother suggested I look at patterns and she and my mom make my dress. I lucked out and found the pattern for the exact same dress I wanted! The original dress was in black but because I had worn black the year before, I wanted something different so we went with a pretty fuchsia color. My mom made the dress and a matching wrap. I did my own hair in a semi-french twist and got myself a nice tanning bed tan. I loved it and LOVED that my mom had made it for me, but still felt like the look was somewhat harsh and just not what I really wanted. I wish I had gone with a dress that was more flowing. A pretty gown.

Senior Prom 1996 Senior Prom 1996

Looking back now, I see what I wanted then. It’s fun to go back and reminisce and see what you may have wanted in the past. I found some really pretty dresses online. DressFirst has things that I would have loved as a teenager. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye. I especially love the third dress pictured below, the  A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading. I think it is so pretty and I would feel like  a princess!

A-Line-Princess-Scoop-Neck-Knee-Length-Chiffon-Tulle-Homecoming-Dress-With-Ruffle-Beading-016025520-g25520 A-Line-Princess-Strapless-Short-Mini-Satin-Tulle-Cocktail-Dress-With-Ruffle-Beading-016017309-g17309


A-Line-Princess-Sweetheart-Floor-Length-Satin-Tulle-Prom-Dress-With-Appliques-Sequins-018018822-g18822 A-Line-Princess-Sweetheart-Short-Mini-Taffeta-Tulle-Cocktail-Dress-With-Ruffle-Beading-Flower-S-016015582-g15582

When it is our daughters turn to go dress shopping for their highschool proms, I want them to look online and get an idea of what they have in mind and take their time picking out just the right dress. You only have your Senior prom one time. In my case I went to mine and Clay’s. But it needs to be special because you only get that memory once. I wish I’d had the internet then so I could browse online first!

Either way, though, it was a night to remember!

What was your prom like? Did you wear the dress of your dreams?

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