Relieve Puffy Eyes With An Eye Mask

Back when I was younger I didn’t have to worry about puffy eyes, wrinkles around my eyes or dark circles. Now that I’m older and especially when my allergies are acting up I do. I’ve also noticed that when we travel I get more puffiness beneath my eyes. We’re on the go a lot when we travel so lack of rest plays a big part in that along with the allergies. You know we travel to the mountains a lot so pollen it everywhere!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of an eye product to test our for my own personal use. All opinions are strictly my own and were formed through personal testing of the product. Your results may vary from mine. Additionally, affiliate links have been used in this post so I may earn a small commission from items purchased from links we recommend.

I don’t want to walk around Gatlinburg, or anywhere else for that matter, with big, giant bags under my eyes or tired old wrinkles. I’m starting to see more of those as well with aging. I’m just not ready for them yet so I like to use products that will help reduce all that. Some things reduce it permanently over time and some reduce it temporarily for the day. One of my favorite new products that helps do both is VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask.

Reduce Puffy Eyes

This particular eye mask is actually an eye gel that sticks on the skin beneath your eyes. It helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles when worn 2 – 3 times per week for about 8 hours (or overnight). It allows for oxygen flow while you are wearing it to help spur healthy cell growth in the skin. Along with wearing them for an extended period of time, I found that they worked great while traveling. I’ll explain that in a minute.

I tried wearing these overnight and the first night I ended up rubbing them right off my face within just an hour or so. That wasn’t going to work! They are fairly big so the ingredients cover a large portion of your skin beneath your eyes. With the size and where they are being placed in mind, I decided to try using them with a cheap sleep mask I had. This worked better but at some point, after probably about 4 – 5 hours, I’d taken both the sleep mask and eye pads off in my sleep. Again, this didn’t work very well. I did notice in the morning, though, that the puffiness beneath my eyes had diminished greatly!

*NOTE that in the photo below I didn’t have them up in the inner corner as much as I should have. This was my first try putting them on. Repeated uses I was able to get them adjusted better and they stayed put much better as well although still not through the night.

Reduce Puffy Eyes

I think a heavier, higher end sleep mask with indentations for your eyes like the (affiliate links –> ) Bedtime Bliss or Sleep Tight sleep masks would work much better and everything would stay in place all night long. Those sleep masks are made better than my cheap little one and stay on better in the night. They fit tight so they would hold the eye masks in position all night and not fall off.

Since I didn’t have much luck keeping them on at night I decided to try them during the morning on a clean, dry face. I work from home so I was able to wear them for quite a while. I had pretty good results. You can feel the ingredients begin to work right away. I noticed a cooling feeling in the skin around my eyes. It didn’t burn or sting, just felt cool. They weren’t irritating and they didn’t slip around on my face. They stayed put until I was ready to take them off.

They peel off super easily. There isn’t any adhesive to pull at your skin. Instead, the gel on the pad keeps the eye mask in place. Once you peel them off the skin will be slightly damp from the product on the eye pad. I like to pat that into my eyes to keep working throughout the day. The ingredients start working immediately to help relieve puffy eyes and over time work to reduce wrinkles around the eye area.

Ok, I mentioned that these eye masks are great for travel. I also mentioned that when we go on vacation to the Smoky Mountains I always end up with puffy eyes and sometimes dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. These eye gel masks come in pairs inside a foil pouch so they fit perfectly inside my make-up bag. When I get up in the mornings while on vacation, after my morning shower, I put a pair on and wear them while I’m getting dressed, having coffee and eating my breakfast. Then I take them off, pat the ingredients into my skin and do my hair and makeup. No puffy eyes and I’m ready for the day looking refreshed and ready to go!

On our most recent trip to the mountains Clay and I stayed up late every night and may have partied like teenagers just a little too much. On the trip home I was exhausted! I was also coming down with a nasty cold. My sinuses were clogged up and I had puffy eyes again that morning from all that. I took my allergy meds along with my beloved Rootology, put on the eye masks along with my cheap little sleep mask and took a nap on the way home. I took the eye gel masks off at the halfway potty break and my eyes looked better!

Reduce Puffy Eyes With VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

Don’t judge. I was miserable and the VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask helped my puffy eyes!

Reduce Puffy Eyes With VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

I think I’ll add these little eye masks to my travel beauty arsenal. I didn’t care for them as an overnight eye treatment because I, personally, couldn’t keep them on. With that said, hey worked perfectly at reducing my puffy eyes while on vacation and when wearing them during the morning.

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