Revlon Root Erase: Touch Up Your Roots Quickly! Perfect For Travel!

Revlon Root Erase Permanent Root Touch-Up has just, quickly, become my new favorite way to touch up my roots. Especially when I’m in a hurry, like this weekend! It is perfect for travel, y’all!

Revlon Root Erase Root Touch-Up Hair Color Kit

I received a complimentary sample to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own and were formed through personal testing. Your results may vary from mine.

I used to keep my hair dyed brunette. By nature, my hair is a dark, dirty blonde but I always liked the medium brown look. As I’ve gotten older, I realized it is very hard to keep the gray maintained with darker hair. So, I began dying it blonde, instead. With the blonde, I can go a bit longer between coloring and root touch-ups without it being quite as noticeable.

I was very curious about the Revlon Root Erase because everything is contained in one can. You do still have to stir it, a little, but you don’t have to squeeze the color into the developer and shake til your arms fall off. You just push a button to dispense both into the lid, which is also a mixing bowl and then give it a stir with the applicator brush. Easy!

Then, apply it to your roots, wait 5 minutes, rinse and follow with your favorite conditioner.And, done Even easier!

Revlon Root Erase Root Touch-Up Hair Color Kit

Everything you need, for up to 3 applications, is included in the Revlon Root Erase kit:

  • Canister of developer and hair color
  • Applicator brush
  • Lid for mixing
  • 3 pairs of gloves
  • Instructions

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I’ve been really sick with a chest cold and now a head cold along with it for about a month. Needless to say, I haven’t felt like coloring my hair, so it had gone a bit further than usual. We have a weekend getaway coming up so I didn’t want to put it off any further. That’s where Revlon Root Erase comes in.

Since it only takes 5 – 10 minutes, I figured I could get it done quickly and easily. I wasn’t wrong!

I separated my hair and applied the color. After 5 minutes I checked to see if it had lightened enough. I have a ton of gray (and white) hair and needed to go the additional 5 minutes. 10 minutes and I was ready to add some warm water, lather and rinse. I followed up with a good conditioner, dried my hair and I was done! It was so easy and didn’t take half the day.

I really like how the color came out. I chose the Light Blonde shade and it matched perfectly! When I do root touch-ups with my regular color, it tends to over lighten the roots. This was a perfect match! It works with at home color and salon color.

Available in 13 shades

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Auburn/Reddish Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Medium Ash Brown
  • Medium Golden Brown
  • Medium Auburn/Reddish Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Light Golden Brown
  • Dark Blonde
  • Medium Blonde
  • Light Blonde

I’m extremely pleased with my results and will definitely use the Revlon Root Erase each time I do my root touch-ups from now on.

Here is a video of me applying it to my hair. Please excuse the scrunched face I had through most of the video. With this head cold, my vision is a bit screwy and I had to keep squinting to see in my mirror. I’m on the mend but still having some lasting effects. Yuck.

Leave a comment below with your tips for touching up your roots at home. My number one tip is to wait 24 – 48 hours after shampooing, before you color, to allow your natural oils to protect your hair and scalp from dryness.

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Revlon Root Erase Root Touch-Up Hair Color Kit


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