How I Reduce Wrinkles And Fine Lines In 2 Minutes A Day

Someone recently asked me how I reduce wrinkles and fine lines on my face, neck and hands. I have a couple methods. I’m not saying I look great, but I try to fight the signs of aging as best I can. Let’s face it, we’re all going to age. That’s a great thing! But, we can do things to keep our skin looking its best and to try to be as healthy as we can be. I’m going to share how I reduce wrinkles and fine lines in 2 minutes a day. NIRA DISCOUNT BELOW <— click to jump to discount

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I once overheard the comment: “I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time”.

WHAT?!?!?! It was funny to hear but I want to be here for a good time AND a long time and I want to be my best self the entire time! I’m still overweight and over 40. But I’m losing weight a little each day. I’m doing everything I can to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on my face. I’m also trying to prevent them if possible and I’m working on being the best self I can be. One choice at a time.

I, now, eat better than I ever have. I follow a skincare routine and I drink a minimum of 64 oz of water a day. But, I’m still aging just like everyone else and always will, so how do I reduce wrinkles and fine lines? Lemme tell ya.

how Do I Reduce Wrinkles And Fine Lines?

I’ve mentioned before that I use the NIRA skincare lasers. I use both the NIRA Pro and the NIRA Precision. You can read more about each one here. I have depressed moods where I don’t want to do my skincare routine but I’m getting better and just doing it. My skin is thanking me for it too!

My routine changes throughout the year. I’m over 40 so what works for me today may not work as well in a couple weeks or months. It’s a constant change-up but the basics are the same.

I love my NIRA’s and how they make my skin feel. I use the Precision around my eyes, mouth and nose. I use the Pro on my cheeks, forehead, neck and the backs of my hands. Yes, you can use the NIRA products to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your hands too! It takes about 10 – 15 minutes to do my entire face or just 2 minutes for my eyes. I go around my eyes every day and my face every couple of days. I also only use it once per day but you can use it twice per day.

I follow that up with my diy anti-aging serum and NIRA Hyaluronic Acid then a moisturizer. I use a light moisturizer serum with sunscreen during the day and a heavier moisturizer at night. In fact, my nighttime moisturizer is homemade. If you’d like that recipe, just let me know!

Anyway, that’s it. Aside from using a “pore sucker outer thingy” every now and then to keep blackheads at bay, that’s really all I do to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. To take my makeup off I use unscented baby wipe OR if I’m wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner I use almond oil on a cotton round. If it’s really tough to get off I’ll use Neutrogena Fragrance Free Makeup Wipes. I’m trying to use natural and DIY products as much as possible these days. My mascara and eyeliner, though, are not and probably never will be. I just really like the brands I use a little too much right now.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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