Save Money Buying Meat In Bulk At Zaycon

A few years ago I did a post and video showing you how to prepare and freeze 40 pounds of chicken from Zaycon. I was working on a campaign with them and received this giant box with 40 pounds of farm fresh chicken breasts. They needed to be cut in half, fat trimmed and placed into freezer bags. The entire process was extremely easy and we were left with a freezer full of delicious chicken.

It was fresh. It was pretty lean and it fed us all winter. The meat was really good!

This time, it is not a sponsored post. I just got a really good deal and wanted to share the details with you. More info, below. I did, however, use my referral link in this post.

Zaycon Chicken

Fast forward a couple of years. I still order from Zaycon, not always chicken and sometimes with friends. They have several meats to choose from and with a family our size, buying it in bulk saves us quite a bit of money. Zaycon has events in areas across the nation. They will select a pick-up location and offer 1 – 2 different meats. Customers place an order online for the meat and location/time of choice. Then, on your pickup date, you simply show up and pick up your order!

Why Do I need 40 Pounds Of  Zaycon Meat?

I mentioned, above, that I sometimes buy with friends. Because the meat comes packaged in bulk, friends and family can pitch in on the purchase price. Once you pick your order up, simply divide the meat up evenly. My sister-in-law and I do this. So even if you, yourself, don’t need 40 pounds of meat, you can still save money by buying in bulk with a friend, neighbor or family member.

We just recently ordered a bulk order of chicken breasts for our beach trip this summer. There will be around 25 people going on this trip. Grilled chicken breasts will make a great meal one night and we saved a ton of money feeding 25 people!

In fact, it only cost me 49 cents! You read that right, CENTS! Here’s how.

Zaycon offers a referral program. For each friend that signs up using your unique referral link and code, you get $5 on their first order and pickup and $1 each thereafter. They do have to pickup their order before you get your referral code. I had earned over $50 in referrals and there was a sale on the chicken that day so we saved a boatload of money! I am, literally, going to feed 25+ people chicken breasts for only $0.49. Clay and I would have gladly paid the full price because it is still a great deal.

So signup! Use my referral link and code (Cinnamon Hollow – in the “Referred By” field), please, and signup. Then give your referral link and code to all your friends and family. Buy some meat at low prices. When your friends see what an awesome deal you got, they’ll sign up and order too and you’ll start getting all those referral bonuses to save on your future orders!

So, order here:  and enter Cinnamon Hollow – in the “Referred By” field pretty please1

Have you tried Zaycon? What did you think?

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