Smile Brighter This Summer

Disclosure: I was provided samples by Colgate=Palmolive to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own.

I have really been enjoying this summer with my kids. We went to Gatlinburg for the 4th of July. That was a first for us. We also had swimming pool access with our cabin. We don’t typically go during the summer months so that was also a first for us. We took the kids to the pool on one day of our trip. It rained pretty much every day so we picked the driest day to go.

It rained cats and dogs for about 1/2 an hour while we were there but we didn’t care! It wasn’t thundering or lightening and the sun was actually out on one side we just kept laughing and playing in the pool while it rained. Other families got out and left but come on, it’s not like we were going to get any wetter. We were in a pool! And it was just a rain shower. The kids had so much fun playing pool volleyball in the rain with our beach ball. Clay and I enjoyed ourselves too.

Colgate Total Daily Repair

It was just the 6 of us and my mom-in-law that went to the pool. The rest of our party stayed at the cabin. I think that made it even more fun. We were able to enjoy some time with just our kids. Something we don’t usually get to do. I noticed that throughout the whole trip, Clay and I were both really on edge and didn’t laugh or smile much. But that day… we laughed and had a blast right along with the kids. We smiled so much!

We even saw a rainbow at the pool!

Colgate Total Daily Repair

I’m glad my smile looked it’s best since my big, gappy teeth were showing so much. πŸ˜€ I’d been using Colgate Total Daily Repair to help remineralize any weakened enamel and help repair any early gum damage I might be experiencing. It really helped too. I used it daily for a couple weeks before our trip. I always like to whiten my teeth a little extra before trips. You know, you want to look your best always but especially when traveling.

I like Colgate Total products when I feel my gum and dental health needs a little boost. It does contain Triclosan, which many people are against, so I only use it in moderation. Although, it is approved for use in Colgate Total, I still like to limit my use some. That just my, personal, preference.

The taste of this toothpaste is really good. It is minty and fresh tasting. I noticed it is a bit thinner than regular Colgate toothpaste and it really lathers on my teeth and leaves them smooth and shiny. I ran my tongue across my teeth after brushing and they were so smooth and clean feeling. And my breath was fresh and cool feeling.

Colgate Total Daily Repair

Colgate Total Daily Repair

Colgate Total Daily Repair remineralizes weakened enamel to help prevent cavities and for strong teeth. It also **kills bacteria that cause gingivitis for healthy gums.

** In 4 weeks, results improved with continued twice daily use, as shown in a 6 month clinical study, compared to regular fluoride toothpaste.

I love that my family was able to have so much fun, for at least one day of our trip and that I didn’t feel self conscious about my teeth or gum health when giving my brightest summer smile!

We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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