Your Social Media Behavior Can Affect The Outcome Of Your Divorce

Social media has not just become a venue for a person’s chronology of ups and downs. It has also become a brimming pool of evidence for people amid a courtroom case. Several instances have been reported of people losing their court battles because of the influence of social media behavior.

Social Media Behavior

Unknown to many, these posts can be used as factual evidence in court cases. For example, criticizing your previous partner or sharing vital court information about your impending divorce is ground for admittance. Your posts can be used for you and against you.

How Do Your Social Media Posts Affect Your Divorce Case in Mississauga?

The use of social media has not just influenced our lives, but how things revolve around us. The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many sprouting new connection sites prove to be movers of our modern world.

When you have a divorce case, there are instances when you cannot hold back your emotions. Posting something degrading or happy about your life ends up being publicized all over the world. Such use of social media can affect the outcome of your divorce proceedings, and it can backfire on you.

The use of social media has also been impactful in the outcome of a divorce case. Recent statistics attest the relevance of its influence on the divorce case, including such facts as:

  • One-third of divorce cases start from affairs conducted over the Internet.
  • Over 66% of lawyers around the country, including many Divorce Lawyer Mississauga, use social media posts as primary sources of evidence.
  • An estimated 81% of divorce lawyers have presented social network information as court shreds of evidence.

Any Divorce Lawyer Mississauga will demand reticence before, during, and after a court case. This process is done to prevent an invasion of privacy amongst those involved. Furthermore, it’s done to avoid any leakage of information on both parties.

Social Media Behavior that Could Impact Your Divorce Case

These habits show the most damaging online behavior and should be avoided when you are in the midst of a divorce hearing:

  1. Posting derogatory remarks about your spouse or ex-spouse. Complaining about your ex on your social media account can be disastrous to your reputation and your case. This is true, especially if you are posting threatening or false information.
  2. The Deletion of a previous social media activity is admissible in a court case. Deleted social media activities are not permanently removed. They can always be retrieved by an online forensic specialist and can be used as an admittance of guilt.
  3. The Discussion of a romantic relationship while the court proceeding is still ongoing. New relationships, while a divorce case is continuing, should be kept private. This evidence can be used as proof of a love affair while the marriage has not yet been dissolved.

Social media plays an essential role in keeping us connected. This interconnection has both its ups and downs. Given that, people who are struggling to gain control over their lives and relationships should always be cautious about their online use.

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