Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower

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Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle I need you! As a member of SheSpeaks I had received this really cool Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaning kit right before we went on vacation. It contains a bottle of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in Meadows & Rain scent, a sponge and a bucket. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I have been sick as a dog this last week and my house is beyond nasty. Along with being sick all week and not cleaning a thing, we went to Tennessee for 4 days the week before and when we got home everything was unpacked from the van and that was it. Nothing was put away. I’ve been really sick with a head and chest cold so meals were either quick and easy fend for yourself types of meals or take-out. When mama’s sick, the house doesn’t seem to get cleaned. It’s like everyone is left in a drooling heap not knowing how to load the dishwasher, run a sink of dishes or laundry, change a roll of toilet paper or clean a toilet. Or even pick up after themselves! Now that I’ve made it out of the sick bed and looked around, my house is a disaster. A nasty, stinky, germ infested disaster. I really could cry. It’s that bad. I’m still pretty sick but the mess can’t go on. I have got to get up and get to cleaning. Because warmer weather is on the horizon I decided that my post-sickness cleanup will also be the kick-off to our Spring Cleaning 2014. Get ready Clay and the kids! Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and I are putting your booty’s to work and you all WILL help!

My Challenge:

Use Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on a sponge and in a bucket and determine which method I prefer.  #MrCleanMorePower

Mr Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower

Since I’m cleaning up sick germs and starting the Spring cleaning this challenge is one I can really get in to. I still feel like crud, but the house can’t wait. I have to get it cleaned up. NOW! So I put my sponge, bucket and Mr. Clean to the test and it works great!

Mr Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower

I’m assigning each family member a task. At first I though about giving each one a specific room to clean. But that never works for us. They get in the room and freeze. So one task each (to start) is it. Our son is over 6 feet tall so he gets to clean the top cabinets, dust off heating/air returns, ceiling fans etc. My oldest daughter is helping me with the “suds in the bucket” and working on wiping down the appliances and then the baseboards. We’re all going to work on wiping down the walls. The younger two can’t really tackle cleaning jobs so they get to run a dust rag around and push the little Bissell sweeper around. They’re helping. They’re having fun and that goes a long way to getting the house back in shape. Clay and I are doing the heavy duty cleaning. He will be cleaning out our closets that have somehow gotten piled up with old clothes and taking them to the Goodwill so I can use the closets to get organized. I’ll be scrubbing the counters, sinks, toilets, bathtub and shower and the floors as well as taking down the mini blinds and scrubbing them and washing the curtains and windows. I’ll also do a good dusting and vacuuming. Clay will help me shampoo the carpets.

I’ve already started on the appliances, sinks, counters, floors, etc. Anything I can use the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on, I’ve started cleaning. For the majority of the areas, I prefer to use it in a bucket with the sponge and and cleaning rag and not just squirted on the area or sponge. Even though it is being mixed with water that way, I feel like the cleaner goes further and I can get more surface area by having a really wet sponge and I don’t have to go back over it with water. And the Auto-Stop Cap dispenses just the right amount of cleaner and stops automatically. In the gif below, I’m really squeezing that sucker but it won’t add any more than it is designed to. It literally stops dispensing while I’m still squeezing it. COOL!

So I’m not wasting cleaner. Now, for the toilets, I prefer to use the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle right on a cleaning rag (specifically for that purpose) and clean it with the full strength cleaner. That’s my personal preference.

Mr Clean Auto-Stop Cap #MrCleanMorePower

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in Meadows & Rain scent smells really good. it has a fresh, clean scent that really gets you in the Spring spirit and ready for warmer weather and breezes blowing through your open windows. I found that cleaned just as well in the bucket as it did on the sponge. Again, I prefer it in a bucket for larger surface cleaning but it performed well both ways. I also used it in my spray mop and it made my floors shiny and the house smells so good already!

I’m not a “Cleaning Perfectionist” yet but I intend to get there!

Mr Clean Cleaning Checklist #MrCleanMorePower

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I have a question for you all.

Where does dirt and grime seem to live in your home and do you have any interesting techniques to prevent these messes?

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