5 Simple Steps To Changing A Tire

change tire

Ok ladies. You’re running errands by yourself when you hear the unmistakable sound and hear the unnerving jerk of a tire gone flat. What do you do? Well, duh! You pull over to a safe spot and change that tire! …

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PERK Vent Wrap Auto Air Fresheners @Smiley360

Perk Vent Wrap Car Freshener

Being a member of Smiley360 has its “perks” like the complimentary PERK® Vent Wrap Auto Air Fresheners I recently received for review. I received 4 samples in varying fragrances along with a flying disc for the kids to toss around. PERK Vent Wraps …

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MOM’s Oil Change Checklist.

Motor Oil Matters

A few months ago I talked to you a little about the importance of knowing what to watch out for when getting an oil change. Today, I want to share an 8 point oil change checklist with you showing what …

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