What Variety Do You Get For A Prom Dress?

Dresses are the most preferred cloth wear for events, and this is with good reason. Dresses usually compliment people’s bodies in the best way, thereby making it something that you should consider for an event. Getting the right prom dress should be based on the ideal length. One would assume that the length variety can only be classified under short or long, but that is not the case. At great stores such as JJ’s House, you can get cheap prom dresses with the ideal length design. There are six-length designs that you should know about.

What Variety Do You Get For A Prom Dress?

Short/ Mini Dress

The short or mini dress is very short and reaches above the knee. If you like to put on short dresses, then this length design would be the best choice. Many people find these dresses appealing mainly due to the ease with which they can move around. It also enables you to show your legs during the event.

Knee-Length Dress

Just as the name suggests, this dress reaches the knee and also provides you with ease of movement. This is usually a good alternative if you need a short dress but are somewhat uncomfortable with one that is too short. It enables you to cover yourself more while still getting the necessary comfort.

Ankle Length Dress

The ankle length dresses go slightly above the feet and are also comfortable. They are designed to give you more space at the leg thereby making you comfortable. The fact that they can cover one’s leg yet still provide enough room for movement makes them a popular choice.

Floor Length Dress

If you prefer a dress that goes beyond the ankles, then the floor length dress would be an ideal choice. This dress design is longer and reaches the floor but is made wider at the bottom so that you can move around without tripping.

Asymmetrical Dress

You will find this dress unique due to the variations in length. The variations involve making the dress shorter at the front while the back is as long as the floor-length design. That means that you get the benefits of a short and long dress with the asymmetrical design. If you like to show off your shoes, then this would be the ideal length for you.

Sweep Train

The sweep train design is very long and drags along the floor when you move. The designs vary, depending on the sizes since some are very spacious at the bottom while others provide just enough space for you to move around. Some of the sweep train designs also have slits whose main aim is to help you with movement. You will have to choose whether you would like a long slit that runs to the thighs or a shorter one.


Choosing your prom dress based on dress lengths is an important thing since it dictates the variety of designs. The determining factors should include whether you want to show off your shoes, move easily, or expose your legs.

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