Enjoy Going Back To School With New Jewelry + oNecklace Discount

Do you love back to school shopping? Or do you dread it? I, actually, don’t mind as long as I have a list of exactly what we need. Otherwise, I HATE in-store shopping, with a passion. I love to be able to get in the store and get out. That works for school supplies, but not so much for back to school clothes shopping. We’re doing online school, this year, due to Covid-19 safety issues so we won’t have as much back to school shopping as we typically do. The kids are a little disappointed. They love getting new clothes and supplies. To make it up to them, I plan on letting them do a little online shopping for some new tops and some jewelry. They’ll be doing a lot of video calls with their teachers so they deserve something pretty to boost their spirits! We found the perfect necklace at oNecklace and will be checking out their bracelets too.

I’ve actually worked with oNecklace a few times and have never been disappointed. I, personally, love monograms and their earrings, necklaces, bracelets and engraved rings are beautiful. I teamed up with them again to find the perfect necklace for my girls. And the Layered Circle Necklace was exactly what we were looking for!


I’d seen circle necklaces on several actresses on TV and fell in love. The one from oNecklace is a smaller circle than those and is perfect for young girls. I also like that it is a layered necklace and has a zirconia to compliment it.

oNecklace Layered Circle Necklace

We only have one, so far, because I’m waiting for my other 2 daughters to decide if they want matching necklaces. Sometimes they like to have matching sister items and other times they just want to be individuals. And  I get that. They don’t want everything they have to match. But, sometimes, it’s nice to have a few things to wear together. Either way, we have one and it’s beautiful!

This layered necklace features two layered chains with one clasp for both. The zirconia sits just above the zirconia encrusted circle

We ordered ours in sterling silver but you can also get it in yellow gold plating or rose gold plating. You can also choose your chain length. We chose the 22″ length (the longest) and it sits at just the right spot on a daintier neck. I’m bigger than my girls and it is a bit short for my liking. You can see in the photo, below, just where it sits on the neck. With the layered zirconia, I don’t think we’d like it any shorter. But, that’s just our personal preference.

oNecklace Layered Circle Necklace

I’m sorry this photo is blurry. It looked fine on my camera but was blurry once I uploaded to my computer.

I hope oNecklace comes out with a matching necklace that has a bit larger circle and longer chain. I’d love to have a larger one for myself!

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Are your kids going to in-person school or online school this year? Have you received any supply lists or done any back to school shopping, yet? What are some changes your family plans to make for the 2020-2021 school year?

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