Themed Gifts Ideas For Christmas

Can you believe it is almost Christmas?

This year has flown right by. It seems like last week hubby and I were doing some Black Friday shopping. I just can’t believe it has already been a year and it is time to start thinking about gifts all over again!

Shopping for the kids is pretty easy. They love video games and toys. We usually get them each an outfit and something from their wish list. The adults, on the other hand… I never know what to get them. We buy for my hubby’s parents and our kids and that is all but it gets harder and harder every year. I just never know what to get them. We usually end up getting them a gift card so they can pick out what they’d really like. That might seem a little impersonal but I’d rather they get something they really want instead of something they can’t or won’t use. I usually give them some home-baked cakes and candies too and the kids make them cards and homemade gifts.

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Now, if my mom were still here, I know exactly what I’d get her. Aside from the baked goodies. She loved horses more than anything and when I was online window shopping, I came across some horse themed gifts. There was this really beautiful jewelry box with horses inlaid on the lid. It is a bit costly but I’d have saved up and bought it for her. Even though it is a themed gift, it is so pretty and I know that she would have loved it.

Hmmm, themed gifts ideas? So that makes me wonder if themed gifts aren’t something I should think about more for my hubby’s parents? Not a ton of things, but maybe one small thing that I know they collect along with their gift card. It certainly gives me something to think about as far as Christmas gifts.

So tell me, do you give themed Christmas gifts? Has the reaction been good if you do?





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