THM VALENTINE’S DAY SALE: Milk Chocolate, Sweeteners, Skin Care, NEW Lipstick & More

As is their tradition, the first Trim Healthy Mama sale is the THM Valentine’s Day Sale! It starts today and I’m actually NOT late announcing this one! They didn’t want to to crash their website again so they only announced it today. There are tons of goodies on sale, like their sweeteners, along with some new products! I’m excited because their Milk Chocolate Butterfly Bars are back! WOOOOOOT!

I’m, literally, running out the door as I type this so here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to get shopping before I get all my individual links added. Also, I’m sorry this is such a long post:

THM Valentines Day Sale

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They also have a new all natural moisturizing lipstick!

But first, new launches. Actually, I’m just gonna copy and paste some of Pearl’s email here because it is a lot of info to type up. πŸ˜‚

Here you go:

Milk Chocolate Butterfly Bars Are Back!

Trim Healthy chocolate bars are not just sugar free.. they’re dextrose free, inulin free, tapioca free and Maltitol free. Those villains are used in most sugar free chocolate but we REFUSE to use them even if they save us a buck.

They’re not good enough for you or us! Okay, so inulin is not harmful to your health like the others… dextrin… ugh… that’s just another name for sugar… don’t get us started!!! Inulin doesn’t cause a blood sugar spike but it causes such bloating and gas for so many of us, it is not worth it.

We’re making smooth, creamy milk chocolate, in perfect portion sized bars right in our very own facility… all without the tummy trouble and the blood sugar spike. For now we only have the milk versions but coming soon… dairy free and glorious dark chocolate will be available.


You’re on your own β€œout with the chemicals” journey  like we are so we know you’ll love our all new four moisturizing shades of lipsticks for four different moods. Chemical and harmful dye-free, these lipsticks soften your lips while adding personality to your occasions.

Designed to bring out the best of all ethnicites, they will make you daily errand proud, or dinner party ready. Your choice…. your attitude. Dab them on ever so lightly then pat well for the softest effect or apply boldly and go glamorous!

Find your favorite Lippy or love β€˜em all. We happen to love them all and you bet we mix shades to get the effect we’re seeking depending on mood, outfit or inclination.

*Available in the following shades: Pinkly Perfect, Sexy Errands, Almost Red, Fine Dining


Our new translucent powder made from silk lightly embraces your skin with a delicate, perfecting aura. Whether applied alone, for a natural look, or on top of your favorite Basey, Powdy will go to work, reducing shine, blurring fine lines and ghosting imperfections.

*Available in the following shades: LIGHT, MEDIUM, DEEP

New Bulk Hydrates

You asked us to put our Hydrates in bulk form to save money and wow have they ever been a hit! Hydrates take water and transform it into a drink of dreams with no harmful ingredients like sugar, unhealthy fillers, dyes, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Each sip counts as part of your daily 8-10 cups per day! Just spoon out your own powder!

Make up a big pitcher for the whole family or a glass at a time. Your choice. We have two new bulk mix flavors launching today:

Cherry Berry Baobab Bulk Hydrate Mix:
Welcome baobab to our Cherry Berry flavor! Baobab has the highest antioxidants of any food, it radically improves gut biome, it provides bioavailable vitamin C and iron and is so rich in many other vitamins and minerals it is often called β€œthe natural multivitamin.” Each time you or your children drink this you are boosting your immune system and healing your gut.  

Lemon Love Bulk Hydrate Mix:
Our classic “Lemon Love” flavor. Now available in a 16oz bag!

Sweeteners On Sale!

Choose your favorite of our top 3 Sweeteners or get them all. (We always have a bag or two of each in the cupboard as they all shine in different ways)

Gentle Sweet:
It’s our best selling sweetener for a reason. There’s nothing that matches its cotton candy taste with the gentle impact on blood sugar. It shines in baking and for well… anything. This is the perfect sweetener to help you wean from sugar. Choose original (with xylitol) or xylitol free.

Super Sweet:
A blend of erythritol and stevia with powerful sweetening. Great for drinks, desserts and  you can even use in baking if you’re clever with it. It is close to 3 times sweeter than Gentle Sweet.
Pure Stevia Extract:
THM stevia is in a class of its own for purity and taste. This organic stevia is water processed. We traveled to the farm where it is grown and watched the whole process from plant to powder. The extract form of stevia is the most economical of all sweeteners as a tiny amount goes such a long way.

It tastes great in all your drinks like teas, shakes and smoothies. If you’re on a budget and wish you could use less to go through less Gentle Sweet? Try using 1/2 – 3/4 the amount called for then just add a few doonks of THM stevia extract. We do this all the time!

Skin Care On Sale:
Our toxin-free skin care is always part of our traditional THM Valentine’s sale. Toxins and chemicals in skin care don’t just affect your skin. They affect your weight, your hormones… literally every part of your bodily functions as they seep into your blood stream and wreak havoc. Our natural creams, balms and lotions, hydrate, heal and soothe.

The Fountain:
This is our elite, anti-aging moisturizer. It nourishes your skin so deeply and restores and enhances hydration with the healing power of baobab and rose essential oils.

Orange Silk Cream:
This is your budget moisturizer but never for one minute think it is not a  powerful soother and healer. We’ve personally used  Orange Silk cream everyday now for over ten years and our skin keeps on loving it!

Pure Cleansing Milk:
Perfectly pH balanced, chemical, preservative, SLS and paraben free, this truly pure cleansing milk is perfect for the most sensitive skin. It is gentle to the eyes, yet tough on eye make-up. It won’t clog your pores, but instead draws out impurities and minimizes pore size, and thanks to castor oil, it helps fight acne.

Sweet & Creamy Whey Proteins On Sale:

How could we do a Valentine’s sale without honoring the purity, pleasure and health of our best selling chocolate and strawberry whey proteins? You don’t want to mess around with any old whey. We consider whey protein like a supplement for your body.

It is not just to throw in your shake to make it creamy. It can do that but it can do so much more. It raises glutathione and is the most bio-available of all proteins to help you preserve lean mass in your body. It raises serotonin and provides a happy mood and less fatigue. Want energy? Want immune boosting? Whey is your answer. But you need one that is not denatured or the the health benefits are diminished or even lost. Our CFM Whey is the least denatured of all wheys.  

If you’ve never tried the strawberry or chocolate Pristine Whey protein before… now is the time. Or grab one of the other flavors.

*Try this super speedy recipe for the most awesome, healthy and delicious tasting chocolate or strawberry milk. It fills you up when added to any meal or snack and helps you whittle your waistline!

– A glass of unsweetened nut milk of your choice
– Half to full scoop of Chocolate or Strawberry Pristine Whey Protein Blend.

Goodbye to Hubby Lovin’ Seasoning!

It had it’s day in the sun but sadly we have to bid farewell to this seasoning mix. Due to the parmesan cheese in the ingredients the shelf life is not long enough for us to constantly keep it in storage at our warehouse.

So, for all those who know and love this seasoning, we are sorry.

Please always remember the recipe for this seasoning mix is in our Trim Healthy Table book. If you want to stock up now, it will keep well in the freezer.

*NOTE: As of April 2nd we will no longer have this available. Excuse us while we sniff and wipe a stray tear.
*Hubby Lovin’ BLOWOUT SALE PRICING good thru 4-2-22


  • *NEW: Bulk Cherry Berry Baobab Hydrate 16oz: reg $22.99
  • *NEW: Bulk Lemon Love Hydrate 16oz: reg $21.99
  • *NEW: MADE: Lippy Lipstick: reg $12.99
  • *NEW: MADE: Powdy Finishing Powder: reg $17.99
  • BUTTERFLY BAR – Milk Chocolate Bar w/Almonds: reg $2.49
  • BUTTERFLY BAR – Milk Chocolate Bar w/Almonds (5 pack): reg $11.99
  • BUTTERFLY BAR – Milk Chocolate Bar: reg $2.49
  • BUTTERFLY BAR – Milk Chocolate Bar (5 pack): reg $11.99


  • All-Natural Lotion 2-Pack PiΓ±a Colada & Verry Berry 4oz: reg $21.98/sale $14.99/$6.99 off
  • Orange Silk Hydrating Cream 2oz 2-Pack: reg $39.98/sale $24.99/$14.99 off
  • ROMANTIC DUO (Masculine Prime & Feminine Balance Tincture Bundle): reg $85.98/sale $64.99/$20.99 off
  • ROMANTIC DUO (Masculine Prime & Feminine Balance Cream Bundle): reg: $71.98/sale $49.99/$21.99 off


  • GENTLE SWEET (16-oz): reg $10.99/sale $9.49/$1.50 off
  • GENTLE SWEET (3-pounds): reg $28.99/sale $24.49/$4.50 off
  • XYLITOL-FREE GENTLE SWEET (16-oz.): reg $10.99/sale $9.49/$1.50 off
  • XYLITOL-FREE GENTLE SWEET (3-pounds): reg $28.99/sale $24.49/$4.50 off
  • SUPER SWEET (16-oz.): reg $10.99/sale $9.49/$1.50 off
  • SUPER SWEET (3-pounds): reg $28.99/sale $24.49/$4.50 off
  • PURE STEVIA EXTRACT POWDER (1-oz): reg $11.99/sale $10.49/$1.50 off
  • PURE STEVIA EXTRACT POWDER (4-oz): reg $39.99/sale $35.49/$4.50 off
  • XYLITOL (16-oz): reg $8.99/sale $7.49/$1.50 off
  • ERYTHRITOL (16-oz): reg $8.99/sale $7.49/$1.50 off


  • PRISTINE WHEY PROTEIN (unflavored 16-oz.): reg $26.99/sale $23.99/$3 off
  • PRISTINE WHEY PROTEIN (unflavored 3-pounds): reg $79.99/sale $69.99/$10 off
  • PRISTINE WHEY PROTEIN (all flavors): reg $29.99/sale $26.49/$3.50 off


  • HYDRATING FACE MOISTURIZING CREAMS (orange, lavender, coconut or extra mild): reg $19.99/sale $14.99/$5 off
  • THE FOUNTAIN ROSE CREAM: reg $46.99/sale $35.99/$11 off
  • ULTIMATE RELIEF CREAM: reg $22.99/sale $16.99/$6 off
  • CLEAR AM (acne treatment): reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off
  • CLEAR PM (acne treatment): reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off
  • CLEAR AM/PM COMBO PACK (acne treatment): reg $17.99/sale $14.99/$3 off
  • LOTIONS (all scents): reg $10.99/sale $7.99/$3 off
  • LOTION 2 PACK BUNDLE (Pina Colada & Verry Berry): reg $21.98/sale $14.99/$6.99 off
  • CLEANSING MILK Make Up Remover (unscented & orange): reg $12.99/sale $9.99/$3 off
  • CLEANSING MILK BUNDLES (Orange & Unscented): reg $33.99/sale $24.99/$9 off
  • SANE SANI Hand Sanitizer (2 oz): reg $6.49/sale $1.99/$4.50 off
  • LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY SPRAY: reg $6.99/sale $5.99/$1 off
  • SPUNJ SINGLE: reg $6.99/sale $4.99/$2 off
  • LIP BALMS (all flavors): reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off


  • HEMP AND BLUE CREAM: reg $42.99/sale $36.99/$6 off
  • HEMP AND BLUE BALM: reg $42.99/sale $36.99/$6 off
  • CHILLAX CREAM: reg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off
  • FEMININE BALANCE CREAM: reg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off
  • MASCULINE PRIME CREAM: reg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off
  • HEMP INFUSED ORANGE FACE CREAM: reg $35.99/sale $29.99/$6 off
  • HEMP INFUSED EXTRA MILD FACE CREAM: reg $24.99/sale $19.99/$5 off
  • HEMP INFUSED ROSE CREAM (SUPER FOUNTAIN): reg $69.99/sale $54.99/$15 off
  • ONE HEMPY FAMILY (Feminine Balance, Chillax and Masculine Prime): reg $99.99/sale $84.99/$15 off


  • MADE: Pressed Basey Foundation: reg $19.99/sale $17.49/$2.50 off
  • MADE: Liquid Basey Foundation: reg $26.99/sale $23.99/$3 off
  • MADE: BASEY SAMPLE (Liquid foundation): reg $2.99/sale $1.99/$1 off
  • MADE LUXURY SET (brush sets plus bag and much more): reg $49.99/sale $39.99/$10 off


  • WORKINS EXERCISE DVD KIT: reg $59.99/sale $49.99/$10 off
  • WORKINS EXERCISE DVD ONLY: reg $29.99/sale $19.99/$10 off
  • WORKIN EXERCISE (streaming subscription): reg $14.99/sale $12.99/$2 off
    *For new subscriptions only. This sale is not valid for current Workins subscribers or renewals.


  • I’M THAT GIRL: reg $29.99/sale $24.99/$5 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY STARTER BOOK: reg $19.99/sale $14.99/$5 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY STARTER BOOK & MEMBERSHIP COMBO: reg $74.99/sale $64.99/$10 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY STARTER PACK COMBO: (Book, Membership & Product Bundle) reg $174.98/sale $139.99/$34.99 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY FUTURE: reg $29.99/sale $19.99/$10 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY TABLE: reg $22.00/sale $18.00/$4 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY PLAN: reg $14.99/sale $12.99/$2 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY MAMA COOKBOOK: reg $17.99/sale $15.99/$2 off
  • 100 DAYS DEVOTIONAL: reg $9.99/sale $4.99/$5 off
  • 100 DAYS OF INSPIRATION (eBook): reg $5.99/sale $3.99/$2 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY MAMA (eBook): reg $9.99/sale $4.99/$5 off
  • TRIM HEALTHY FUTURE (e-Book): reg $14.99/sale $9.99/$5 off


  • THM STERLING SILVER BUTTERFLY NECKLACE: reg $59.99/sale $24.99/$35 off
  • HUBBY LOVIN’ SEASONING & BREADING 5oz: reg $6.99/sale $4.99/$2 off

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  1. Superb ideas! If I were the one to receive these kinds of items, how can I resist? To make it more special, add some customized items for them. We can buy a customized shirt, wristband, or tumbler. Can’t wait to see how Valentine’s Day goes this year.


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