Tips And Tricks For Beginner Scrapbookers

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby and allows you to create a beautiful vessel for your favorite memories. Scrapbooks are much more engaging and creative than your typical photo album. You can include just about anything in a scrapbook, from photos to ticket stubs and postcards. They make an excellent gift for any occasion and are fantastic to look back on to relive memories. Anyone can become a fantastic scrapbooker, and if you’re just getting started, here are some tips and tricks.

Tips And Tricks For Beginning Scrapbooking
  1. Always mat your focal point

Each page of your scrapbook should have a focal point. The focal point can be a photo, postcard, and so on that, you build the rest of the page around. Your focal point doesn’t need to be in the center of the page, but you should always mat your chosen image. Using a mat will help it to pop and draw the eye to it.

  1. Use cards to spread glue

If you’re using liquid glue, it can be challenging to spread it across your page evenly. You want to spread it out quickly before it dries, and consistently, so you don’t get any bubbling. Use an old card, such as an outdated rewards card or phony credit card, that you sometimes get in the mail. You can use the card to spread out a perfectly even layer of glue over your page’s entire surface.

  1. Easy page accents

Use patterned scrapbooking paper to create fast and easy page accents. You don’t need to purchase bags and bags of pre-cut accent pieces like gold stars and other shapes. It’s cheaper to use scraps of patterned paper that you have laying around and cut out your own fun shapes to add visual interest to your page. Even better, you can use a Hobby Lobby coupon to get discounts and deals on your patterned paper, making it a cost-effective solution.

  1. Use household items to create your backgrounds

When you’re creating backgrounds for your scrapbook pages, use household items as stencils to help you make perfect shapes. Curved shapes on patterned or colored paper make an impressive background against the straight edges of photographs, tickets, or postcards. To create a curved shape, you can use plates, bowls, or cups to draw the curves, meaning it will turn out perfect each time.

  1. Use your favorite quotes

Quotes make attractive and meaningful page accents. Depending on your page’s focal point or the theme of your book, choose quotes that evoke the emotion you’re trying to channel. You can print out your favorite quotes on cardstock, or handwrite them yourself for a personal touch.

  1. Print titles on vellum

You can’t have a scrapbook without a bit of vellum. Vellum can be either translucent or opaque, but the translucent kind is the best for scrapbooking. You can print out text onto the vellum and layer it over top of photos so that the images still show through slightly. It’s an excellent option for titles, and you can use any font that you like.

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