Tips To Plan An Incredible Ramen Outing With Your Family

Family outings are a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. You can bond over things you love doing, such as enjoying a bowl of delicious, piping-hot ramen. In fact, you can master the art of slurping while having a great time with your partner and kids. But you may struggle to find the best authentic ramen in America – unless you plan to hit the best spot for the best ramen in little tokyo – so some planning to get there can make the outing a breeze. Let us share a few tried and tested tips to plan an incredible ramen outing with your clan.


Choose a day that works for everyone

This one is a no-brainer because a family outing should be fun for everyone. You cannot expect to enjoy the outing if you are anxious about waking up early for your daily chores the next day. Likewise, skip the idea when your kids have a school exam or your partner is tied up with a late meeting. Choose a day when everyone is relaxed and happy, and you need not worry about leaving early. Weekends are great, but you can plan a mid-week celebration on a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

Hand-pick your Ramen restaurant

Since ramen is originally from the East, you may not find many options for serving an authentic bowl to match your discerning palate. Even the best place may fall short of your expectations, so finding a few favorites is more challenging than you imagine. But you can trust GoldyBoy Ramen to check the ratings of ramen restaurants in NYC and abroad. You can access them in a few clicks, making it easy to choose a venue on the fly if you make last-minute plans for a family outing. Visit the recommended ones, and create a list of favorites for food, ambiance, and family-friendliness. You can follow your wish list or explore more places to satiate your love for the slurpiest noodles in town.

Learn to enjoy your ramen meal

Surprisingly, you need to master the art of enjoying a ramen meal. For example, you must eat fast because these noodles tend to lose their optimal chewiness after a few minutes. Experts recommend sipping the soup first to experience the flavor complexity of the dish. Remember to pull the noodles up and dip them in the bowl before slurping them to appreciate the taste. Your kids may struggle with the technique initially, but they will love their ramen more once they learn the skill. You will definitely need a lot of practice to achieve the skill, but the hard work is worthwhile. The best part is that you can have fun with your loved ones while practicing the skill during your outings.

A ramen outing with your family promises to be a great experience, whether you have a clan of avid noodle lovers or want to start your journey with the new cuisine. All you need to do is choose a venue offering authentic taste and feel to tickle your taste buds. Follow these tips to enjoy the thrilling experience with your loved ones.

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