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I just received some of the neatest new breakfast bowls. Tyson has a new products called Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls and they are super duper good! We are a family of 6 so you can imagine just how rushed breakfast time is around here. And not just breakfast, ALL meals. SO, I like things that we can fix quickly, without a lot of fuss and mess. But it also has to be satisfying and preferably healthy to boot!


They are available at Sam’s Club and come 12 to a box, 2 in each package as you can see above. We shop at Sam’s Club a lot since we are a big family so these come in a really great size for our family. We can either heat 3 packages so we each get one, or if someone is particularly hungry, they can heat an entire package for themselves and off they go. One thing I LOVE is that they are microwaveable and ready in less than 2 minutes each. We don’t use our microwave much but we do use it for quick and easy meals and snacks. So when we are in a hurry, these are more convenient than anything else I’ve found.


As you can see above, each Brad Bowl isn’t super huge. But they are PACKED with bacon, eggs and cheese. Seriously, they are jam packed. I couldn’t believe how much filling was inside that little bowl. And they are surprisingly filling too! I shared one with my daughter and it was plenty. We like to have breakfast for supper at least once a month. When you are busy, that just seems to hit the spot. So, in the next week or so, I’ll be sharing with you how we enjoy these handy dandy little Breakfast Bread Bowls for SUPPER TIME and what we pair with them. But in the meantime, just look at all that goodness inside that bread bowl. And they taste remarkably…… out of this world! YUMMY! They are just cheesy enough without being too cheesy and the egg and bacon is delicious. Not too salty, not bland. Just right.


I can’t wait to have breakfast for supper!!!

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