WHOA MAMA! Disney’s John Carter – Taylor Kitsch Featurette

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Have you seen Disney’s “John Carter” yet? I have not but I want to. The thing is, I also want to see “The Hunger Games” really badly and we have a mini vacay coming up so I have to limit mine and the Hubby’s date nights. I think am going to wait for “The Hunger Games” in a few weeks because I have read the trilogy and have been waiting [im]patiently for the movie.

Ok, back to “John Carter”! I mentioned the other day how gorgeous this cast is. (Along with a fun fact sheet) The entire cast is truly beautiful, including John Carter himself, Taylor Kitsch. I mean, just look at those photos above. PHEW! hehehehe

So, for today, I have a Taylor Kitsch featurette for you. Enjoy! And let me know if you have seen or are planning on seeing “John Carter”!

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JOHN CARTER is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Disclosure: Information/Images provided by Walt Disney Studios and used with permission.

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