Unscented Anti-Chafe Stick For Men + $3 OFF: Amazing Summer Must Have Amazon Grooming Finds

This one’s for the guys! Last week I told all the ladies about the Happy Curves Anti Chafe Stick for women. Well, now I’m giving the guys the happy news that there is an unscented anti-chafe stick for them too! No more chafing and chapping during the summer months. You’re welcome.

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This anti-chafe stick is by Happy Nuts. It is their brand new Unscented Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick. It goes on the same way as the women’s version. You literally just rub it on like deodorant and off you go.

It is unscented so no worries about fragrance where you don’t want it. And no worries about sweat mixing with a fragrance and making a big stink. Unscented is your friend here my dudes (and dudettes).

Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Stick Coupon

Click the button below to go directly to the product and click the coupon box on Amazon before adding it to your cart. $3 off coupon ends April 30. Coupon below will automatically update with any new promotions.

The Happy Nuts anti-chafe stick is loaded with skin loving ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and aloe, to name a few. They help protect the skin from unwanted chafing and irritation caused by friction/rubbing. It is a vegan formula that can be used anywhere your skin rubs together or is rubbed by clothing like the groin/thigh area, nips, neck, armpits, arms, feet, etc. It helps protect those super-sensitive areas by creating a non-greasy barrier. It is silky smooth and glides right onto the skin.

Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Stick

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Now you can “trim the bushes around the lighthouse” and then use the unscented anti-chafe stick and be carefree throughout the day! No hair, no nicks, no chafe! (let your lady friends know I have similar product links for them too! πŸ˜‰ )

Grooming and taking care of our skin and body shouldn’t be a hassle and shouldn’t be embarrassing. If you’d like to try these products, feel free to use my links and buy your products from the comfort of your own computer or phone. They will be delivered directly to you through Amazon. Purchasing your anti-chafe stick is quick and easy. Using it is too!

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