Thigh Rub Anti Chafing Treatment: Happy Curves Anti Chafe Stick

An anti chafing stick is my new best friend! Do your thighs rub together and cause chafing and you’ve been on a desperate search for a thigh rub anti chafing treatment? Or, maybe you’re like me and the hot, muggy summer months tend to leave all your creases and crevices sweaty, chafed and miserable. Either way, I have a solution for you! I’ve been using the Happy Curves Anti-Chafe Stick (Fragrance Free) and I am in love! (p.s. I have a $3 off coupon below!)

Whether you’re rocking
your everyday routine or hitting the gym,
this fragrance-free formula is designed
to be your secret weapon against all
things chafing.

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It never fails, summer comes along and my post c-section “apron” and my thighs and underboob all get irritated from the heat and humidity of the season. I use my DIY cooling Peppermint powder but I noticed last year that when we went to FL on vacation, I needed something more. The powder works great but it just couldn’t stand alone in the Florida humidity. Needless to say, I was miserable!

During that trip, we went on a Dolphin Cruise and once on the boat in the Gulf we were nice and cool from the breeze. But, the wait? Oh my gosh it was horrid! We had to wait between 2 10×10 buildings in 99° + 100% humidity weather, by the river where there was not a hint of a breeze, along with about 50 other people. It was so hot and muggy! Our oldest daughter nearly passed out it was so hot and crowded and the air was so still. I bought her an electrolyte drink and fanned her face while she sat on the ground and she was ok. But, my goodness!

When we got home, my inner thighs were done for. I honestly wished I’d put some antiperspirant or something else on with my powder. But I didn’t want something fragranced or questionable. This year, my friends at Happy Curves released their Anti-Chafe Stick and sent me one to try. (there’s one for the guys too and I’ll be telling y’all about that next week!)

This year, I am heading south fully prepared! I’ll have my DIY cooling powder, cooling spray and roll-on along with my Happy Curves Anti chafe stick. I will rub the anti chafing treatment, in its super convenient push-up tube right onto the areas that tend to get irritated. Then I’ll apply a thin layer of my powder, for that glorious cooling effect. Together, they should get me through the day no matter what activities we’re doing! If I’m super-dyna-whopping hot (my father-in-law got that stuck in my head), I’ll 1st give a spritz of my cooling spray and let it dry, then the anti chafe stick then the powder. I’m not playing around this year!

Happy Curves Anti Chafe Stick | Anti Chafing Treatment

It’s been cool here but I’ve already tried it when we went shopping and it is fantastic! When I came home from all the walking, everything was nice and smooth and dry like it should be. No chafe. No irritation. No sweat. Nothing but comfort.

Thigh Rub Anti Chafing Treatment: Happy Curves Anti Chafing Stick

It is fragrance free, like completely no smell, so there’s no worry about it mixing with any sweaty smell. It’s not greasy or cakey. The anti chafe stick also comes in a push-up tube, like deodorant, so it’s super easy to apply. I do wish the tube was a tiny bit narrower, for places like beneath the boobs. I feel like it would fit a little better in narrower creases. Either way though, it goes on well.

I’m pleased and ready to really put it to the test this summer!

You all can save $3 OFF from now until 4/30 on either the Happy Curves Anti Chafe Stick or the Happy Nuts Anti Chafe Stick (the men’s version).

Do you suffer from thigh rub chafe? Be sure to check out the Happy Curves Anti Chafe stick so you don’t suffer this summer!

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