What To Look For When Shopping For Engagement Rings In 2023

Shopping for an engagement ring is a very exciting part of a person’s life. For those that are shopping without their partner’s knowledge, it can be a mixture of apprehension and excitement. It’s important to them that they pick out a ring that they think their future spouse to be, will like.

For those who choose to shop together for an engagement ring, it’s all about making sure to be on the same page and allowing the wearer to get a say in what they are after.

Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips on what to look for when shopping for engagement rings in 2023.

Shopping For Engagement Rings In 2023
Photo by Jackie Tsang on Unsplash

Always set a realistic budget

Engagement rings aren’t cheap and even the cheapest options can cost an absolute fortune to the average shopper. With that being said, it’s always good to set a budget, despite how much your bank balance or credit card can take.

While it’s not advisable to get into debt for buying an engagement ring, it’s something to think about carefully because it is a special occasion. Sometimes, pushing the boat out is worthwhile!

However, make sure this budget is realistic and isn’t going to land you into any financial hot water as a result. 

See what styles are trending

What styles are current at the moment? Take a look at popular engagement ring styles and the trends within the engagement ring market. While it’s good to go with your own style and preference, you may find a suitable style that’s currently hot in 2023.

Everyone is different, so it’s good to trust your gut and go with something that you could see your partner wearing every day – or yourself if you’re shopping with your spouse-to-be.

Look out for up and coming jewelers or designers 

There are lots of great jewelers and designers out there. It’s definitely worthwhile selecting a few online and looking out for them when you’re shopping in-store. While shopping online is convenient and faster, when it comes to engagement rings, it’s often a better experience if you’re trying on these rings in person.

Of course, if you’re buying this for a partner, you’ll need the sales assistant to put it on to give you the look of it.

Experiment with different color stones

There are lots of different colored stones out there and different materials that you might choose from when it comes to an engagement ring. It’s worth exploring the entire range available and to not limiting yourself to just one option. It’s good to get a real scope of what’s available so you’re not missing out any 

Try out different band thickness

You’ve got the choice of lots of ring bands that are important to be aware of when it comes to shopping for them. Take a good look at how the band thickness affects the look of the ring and be sure to try it on to make an informed decision.

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