How To Accessorize Outfits For Different Occasions

Accessorizing is part of the fun of buying fashionable outfits. After all, they add just the right amount of flair to enhance what they choose to wear. Before you choose accessories, you have to consider what you’re wearing.

Naturally, what you pair with a t-shirt and jeans will be different from what you match with a dress that you plan to wear to a formal event.

Questions You Need to Ask

When making a selection for jewelry and footwear, you need to ask the following:

  • What is the occasion?
  • What will I need to carry (e.g., wallet, keys, or smartphone)?
  • How do I want to convey my personal style?
  • What can I wear that will enhance my outfit even more?

To choose the right accessories, you need to assess what you’re wearing in more detail. Look at your neckline, silhouette, and the color of your outfit.

For instance, let’s say you plan to attend a Sunday gathering with the girls and are deciding what to wear to brunch. Naturally, you want your look to be casual. If this is the plan, you might opt for a billowy blouse and high-waisted slacks. A straw tote, vibrant colored sunglasses, and chunky sandals might complement the look. For trendy sunglasses ideas you can visit or any other online retailer

On the other hand, your occasion may be formal. In this case, let’s pretend you’re attending a wedding. Make sure you don’t draw attention away from the couple as this is their special day.

Therefore, you might choose to wear a champagne colored dress and pair of matching heels. Add some personality to the look with a statement hair accessory or heirloom necklace. Carry a pink patent leather clutch to hold your essentials.

Whether you’re wearing formal or casual clothing, think about adding an accessory that will highlight one of your features – such as a belt for a small waist, or a barrette for your long and silky hair.

You might add some interest as well by wearing a gold chain necklace with a white t-shirt and black or silver and turquoise bracelet with a sundress or Native American print top.

Create a Balance

When you accessorize, it’s important to create a balance. For example, wearing a statement necklace works well when you pair it with clothing or accessories that are more played down. For example, maybe you want to show off some hoop earrings. Display them with a small necklace and bracelet. Create a balance in your overall look.

Or perhaps you’re wearing a bold print. If so, you don’t want to include accessories that are brightly colored. Instead, choose a soft colored silk scarf to complement the look.

Take this information with you when you visit a boutique clothing store for women. Doing so will make it more fun to choose some great outfits as well as some awesome accessories.

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