Life After College: Things No-One Will Tell You

Life after college is the real you. In many ways it is life without constraints, and it is what most young adults have been looking forward to. At last, the shackles are off and no one else is setting the agenda, and yet it’s not that simple. In place of the authority figures of youth, you have the rest of the world to fit into, and it may not be giving the orders, but it has expectations and demands. The world has rules in that it’s what makes the world go round and everyone must find their place in the great scheme of things.

That often means making compromises, and even the most successful individuals, those we think of as trailblazers, rebels, or free spirits, must conform to a certain extent. There’s law and order, for a start, without which nobody can live happily. But it’s not all about how we behave in society; it’s also how we conduct ourselves in business. So here are some things to keep in mind, and the first concerns the world of finance, which, like it or not, affects everyone’s life.

You’ve Got to Honor Your Debts

This is the first rule of business. Everyone must pay their way, and sometimes we need financial help. You have already benefited from this, because someone or some scheme has paid your way through college. Maybe you had a scholarship or special grant that funded the whole thing. Lucky you. Or wealthy parents prepared to regard college as an extension of school days (which they funded exclusively). For most graduates, though, the support came from a student loan, and as soon as that graduation ceremony is over and the qualification is in the bag, people start wanting their money back.

That probably means a financial institution such as a bank, and while you probably just said yes, okay and I understand when the loan was being arranged, you now have to say it with installments. If you’re naturally responsible and financially aware, your first thought now that you’re pulling the strings may be that loans can be renegotiated, you can look to a NaviRefi student loan refinance and see if you can get yourself a better deal. This can be a great idea, and it is certainly worth looking into if you’re already earning money.

Repayment Involves Emotion, Not Just Money

If you had a co-signer, such as one of your parents, and you are quickly in a position where you can start paying more than you agreed, you may be able to help them handle money stress and release them from their responsibility, and that’s a good feeling. Your family wants you to do well and they will be proud if that happens. They will also be proud if they see you trying and doing things the right way. Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their child turn out to be a good person.

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

You’re not just vying with classmates for the best grades anymore. Now, those fellow students may be competitors, so you need to up your game and get yourself a reputation as one of the best in your field. That is how it’s going to go for the rest of your life, so find yourself a goal, set off on your career path, and make a success of it. Go big or go home or go modest and go home to a smaller home.

Not everyone is cut out to be the giant ape, but you need to find your level to live happily with yourself. Don’t get the idea that this working life business is an unrelenting battle. You’re going to find friends, lovers, colleagues, and acquaintances who can make your path a happy one if you treat them well. Some of the richest and most privileged people in the world have also been among the loneliest, and what looks like glamorous lives can be miserable, so if you’re going to make your bed and lie I it, make sure it’s a bed you’re happy with.

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