Why Kids and Parents Prefer Rectangular Garden Trampolines

Originally used as part of a circus act and as rescue equipment, today’s trampolines have become synonymous with play and entertainment. Both kids and adults enjoy catching the air. Besides providing a lot of fun, jumping on this device has numerous benefits for health and fitness. How your kids will benefit from jumping, find out at this link.

Why Kids and Parents Prefer Rectangular Garden Trampolines

The most commonly used shapes of these bouncing devices are round and rectangular. Most parents who want to give their youngsters hours of outdoor fun will opt for these trampolines. Still, there is a slight advantage on the side of the rectangular jumping surface, although such trampolines are generally more expensive than round ones.

Higher Bounce

If you are buying a trampoline for kids, this is the feature that will interest them the most. Of course, think of this only if your youngsters are old enough to use the trampoline safely. Also, the bouncing feature may be of interest to you if you will use this device for dance or gymnastic training.

The rectangular shape of the jumping surface gives a much higher bounce. During the construction of the trampoline, makers used knowledge of physics about force transmission. The strings in the material (woven nylon or polyethylene) are evenly distributed over the entire rectangular surface. That’s why your bounce is equally high on any part of the rectangular trampoline to jump. In round devices, the strings will pull you back to the center.

Suitable for More Jumpers

This benefit is closely related to the bouncing feature described in the previous paragraph. Large rectangular trampolines are an excellent thing for birthdays and parties because they can accommodate several kids at the same time. It is only essential that their total weight doesn’t exceed the permissible load. Manufacturers must highlight this information in the product specification.

The strings on rectangular trampolines are not ‘conditioned,’ meaning they don’t work all at the same time. If someone jumps in one corner, the person in the other won’t feel vibrations because not all strings are pulled. When several kids or adults jump, the strings on each bouncing position work individually, without affecting others.

The rectangular frame (if made of solid material like galvanized steel) is strong enough to withstand great weight. It doesn’t suffer much stress due to the already explained mechanism of string work. That is why this form of the bouncing device is the first choice of parents whose kids bring friends to play in the backyard.

Jumping Playground

Trampoline Safety

As explained above, the way strings in rectangular surface areas work significantly affects jumping performance. The weight that these bouncing devices can handle is higher than with rounded or oval-shaped models. That is why most parents prefer this shape, even if they have smaller yards.

Regardless of size, most rectangular models can carry up to 400 pounds. It means that up to 6 kids can jump on the surface area at the same time, which is quite enough for some exciting games or sports like basketball inside the trampoline.

Suppose you are planning these activities for adults. In that case, you will need a jumping device of larger dimensions, with extra reinforcements on the frames. You can even buy models with preinstalled baskets or handlers.

Best Fit

A thing that parents need to consider when buying a trampoline is the location. If you have a large yard, possibilities are enormous, and you can choose models of various shapes, sizes, and with different add-ons. Think of installing safety net if your kids often jump there.

For more safety tips on using trampoline, visit the following page:


But if your backyard is narrow and crowded, rectangular jumping devices are the best deal. Due to their shape, you can put them in a corner. It means that space will be used to the maximum. Keep in mind that you still need to leave the extra room if you think of installing the ladder, safety net, handlers, and so on. Trampolines of various shapes and sizes can be found on the market, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Still, you will admit that the greatest enjoyment is when you place the trampoline in the yard and feel the joy of bouncing in the fresh air.

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