You Can Now Customize Your Wildgrain Box!

Y’all know I love me a good subscription box. What’s even better is a good food-based subscription box like the Wildgrain Box. I’ve talked to you a little before about this awesome bread/pastry/pasta subscription box but haven’t for a minute. That’s about to change because it’s awesome and I simply forgot to post about it! We’ve been too busy eating the goodies and not sharing about them. Gate-keeping much? Oops!

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I a no longer promoting this company. All links have been removed.
Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box

Ok, so some exciting news since I last shared Wildgrain with you all. You can now customize your Wildgrain box and add your own selection of your Wildgrain favorites!

Wildgrain customizable subscription box features multiple box types:

  • mixed box where you can pick your own delicious loaves of Wildgrain bread, pasta, and pastries.
  • pastry only box where you are able to grab choice Wildgrain pastry options.
  • bread only box where you can snag all your fave Wildgrain bread loaves.
  • new Vegan bread-only box!

Wildgrain will continue to offer the same favorite seasonal and rotating add-ons they have always had. Now you can just add more of your favorites into your own customizable box!

Always Free Shipping

Wildgrain subscription boxes SHIP FOR FREE! No matter where you live in the U.S. or how many “extras” (like those amazing croissants) you add on, Wildgrain boxes always ship for free!

Please note, Wildgrain boxes do arrive frozen, so be sure you are home for arrival and have room in your freezer!

Here are some photos of our box from last October (2022). YUM!

Everything in that box was incredible. I limit the amount of bread I eat (even THM on-plan bread) but my family eats it like crazy. They are bread fanatics. The sourdough was amazing and I had to at least try the croissants, cinnamon rolls and other breads. DELICIOUS!

Which box type are you planning to subscribe to? Or do you prefer a variety of all the things?

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