10 Ways To Enjoy Vodka

If you have an extra bottle of Absolut, or other favorite vodka, in your freezer but you just ran out of orange juice, you might be ready to sink down in utter disappointment at having to change your Screwdriver plans, but do not despair quite yet. Depending onΒ what elseΒ you have in your refrigerator and cabinets, there might be a number of other concoctions to choose from.

Depending on what kinds of tastes you prefer, you might like something a little sweet with a touch of Kahlua or Baileys. On the other hand, maybe the sour tastes of lime and lemon are more your style. Either way or neither, there are numerous options to pick. Take a look. 

10 Ways To Enjoy Vodka

1. Mudslide

For those with sweet tooths, you can never go wrong with a Mudslide. A decadent combination of vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, this delicious cocktail is perfect for winter holidays and other sweet celebrations. Cancel your dinner plans and just order this dessert instead.

2. Moscow Mule

If you want the opposite flavor of sweetness, ginger beer might be more up your alley. In this case, a Moscow Mule recipe may be the perfect use of your Absolut. While these flavors are tasty in their own way, they certainly will not remind you of cake and pudding. 

3. Almond Martini

For a pleasing taste of almond, combine amaretto, sweet vermouth, vodka and ice to create a sweet and elegant blend that is sure to impress your tastebuds. 

4. Vodka Sour

On the other hand, if your tastebuds are craving some sour, a Vodka Sour could be just the thing. Check the drawer in the fridge. Do you have any lemons? How about simple syrup? If so, that is all you need for this vodka twist. (Just add ice.)

5. Bloody Mary

If you have a taste for hot sauce and tomato juice, it probably means two things. One, you have both of these items in your kitchen; two, you may appreciate Bloody Marys. In this case, no further reading is necessary. Go grab the tomato juice. 

6. Soda Water + Vodka

For those who want to enjoy a drink or two with the girls or guys after work but are also health-conscious and concerned about the number of calories in mixed cocktails, soda water and vodka can be a simple and lightweight solution that offers a win-win for achieving a low-calorie buzz.

7. Skip and Go Naked

A light and refreshing combination of vodka, lemonade and beer, this tasty cocktail is perfect for summertime mingling and initiating flirtatious conversations. 

8. White Russian

For another creamy selection, the White Russian stands out as a top favorite among coffee and sweets lovers alike. A delicate mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream, you will need to be careful not to drink too much. After all, it tastes like a dessert!

9. Green Russian

Whether it is St. Patrick’s Day, you like the color green or you simply want to try something new, a mix of Midori, vodka and cream will give you a colorful twist on an old-time favorite.

10. Screwdriver

If the first nine suggestions sound completely unappealing, then put on your shoes and grab your keys. It will take 15 minutes to pick up orange juice. You can never go wrong with this beloved classic.

After scanning through this list, take a look through your inventory. Do you have any Kahlua, Baileys, lemon or tomato juice? Is there anything you can substitute? If you have yet to explore all the possibilities of vodka, all the options. Do not be afraid to get creative. Cheers to all the recipes you can try!

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