5 Affordable Ways To Ramp Up Your Home Security

Home security from Roanoke to Rhode Island is all about creating deterrents to anyone or anything from invading your home and property. Thieves, criminals, and wild animals are less likely to disturb a property that presents them with challenges to access.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to protect your home and family. Extensive smart home security systems are great, but they may not be realistic for your budget. With a few small projects, you can add a level of security to your home that will help keep you safe.

From consulting a locksmith in Roanoke Virginia about updating your door locks to securing your perimeter with enhanced fencing, there are various things that can be done on a budget to add security. Let’s look at a few affordable and effective ways to ramp up your home security.

5 Affordable Ways to Ramp Up Your Home Security

Trail Cams

Home security cameras or CCTV units can be complicated to operate and expensive. Your main priority is to be able to see what is going on outside your property, and there are simpler and more effective ways to get a view of potential threats. Adding security trail cameras to your property can be an effective and camouflage way to get the upgrade in security that you need. These hidden natural cameras operate by motion detection and can be synced to your smartphone. When something passes in front of the camera, a message will alert you to the activity.

Gravel Driveway

You may be surprised to know that adding a gravel driveway can act as a pre-warning system if someone is trying to gain access to your property. Gravel driveways or lanes are nearly impossible to traverse without making noise. Graveling an extensive driveway may be a more expensive option, but still, one to consider when you are looking to resurface the area. Buying bulk gravel can help save money if a gravel driveway is a route you choose.

Motion Lights

Burglars and animals like to do their work in the dark. Adding motion sensor lights or permanent outdoor lighting will act as a swift deterrent to most invaders. You can set your lights on a timer to save on your electric bills, or hook up a motion light that will only turn on if the sensor is crossed on your property.

Secured Perimeter

Simple fencing may not be enough to keep intruders out of your yard. You can take your fencing up a notch when you add nail or spike rails. These sharp strips make it almost impossible for humans or animals to gain purchase on your fencing helping to keep them out. If you don’t have perimeter fencing, you can lay spike strips on the ground that will go through any type of footwear and injure a potential invader. You can also try anti-climb paint on your exterior fencing to create a slick barrier that is tough to climb.

Window Alarms

Most home invaders gain access to a house through a window. If a full-service security system is not in your budget you can still protect your access points by using simple window alarms. These easy-to-install glass patches sit on the interior of your glass windows and are protected from the outside elements. They are designed to register any movement or vibration associated with someone trying to gain access and emit a shrieking alarm to alert the homeowner. Protecting your home and family from invasion is a priority. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get an extra layer of security for your home. Check to see Vivint cost for an idea on home security prices. Try some of these strategies to help you ramp up your home security.

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