5 Essential Steps To Getting Your Child Into A Great College

Having a child in school means before long you will find yourself greeted with college brochures, exam stress, and a teenager deciding where they want to go once, they finish high school. Applying for college is both a scary and exciting time for parent and child, and it’s important to make sure that the time before the application dates is spent wisely to get the best possible opportunity. Here are five essential steps to make sure your teen gets into the best college they can. 

1: Find a Hobby They Love 

Colleges don’t just care about grades. Sure, having a high GPA will count in their favour, but your teen will also need to prove they possess other talents to wow in their college application. Talk to them about what it is they love (you might already know) and figure out what kind of group or club they could join. Find them something they can pour their whole heart into, whether that be dance, a sport, spoken word poetry – there are plenty of hobbies to choose from! Whatever it is, the importance lies in the passion and commitment, as this will shine through in college applications and interviews.  It will perhaps even be helpful to consider which masters degree in singapore they would like to pursue in the future.

2: Start a Study Schedule

It’s important to make sure your child is studying as often as they should be, as that will help their overall grades. Getting homework in on time and making sure they prepare in good time for exams is essential. Having a study schedule will make sure they take the time to study while making sure they also have time for fun. No teen is going to thrive if they don’t let themselves relax, so finding that study/life balance is important for them getting the most out of their teenage years while also upping their chances at getting into the best colleges. One way to motivate your teen to study for college is by decorating their study areas with motivational quotes, college diploma dummies, and their ideal. You can even connect with a fake diploma maker to create a certificate for their dream college to encourage them.

3: Apply for Scholarships Early 

Getting your child’s scholarships applications in early should be a priority so they can get the best one they can. The better scholarships are the ones that are taken first, so getting on it as quickly as you are able is a great way of beating the crowd. This is another area where a hobby could come in handy; for example, if they are part of a competitive team, they could be scouted for that. Look around for scholarships – asmscholarships.com being a great place to search if your child takes part in a sport! 

4: Do Practice SAT and ACT Tests at Home

Exams can be highly stressful for teenagers, and being prepared can lift some of that weight. If your teen has an exam coming up, suggest they look around for past test papers so they can practice at home. This way, they will come to understand what to expect and won’t be as worried on the day. It will also give you a decent expectation of their overall grade, which will influence which colleges your child should be applying for. 

5: Tutor Other Students

Is your child particularly gifted in a subject? Have them share their wisdom with other students! Tutoring is a great part-time job for high schoolers, and on top of showing off their skills, they will feel the pride of helping someone else get the best grades they can. Tutoring looks great on a college application – your child will certainly stand out from the crowd. 

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